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Well, it all started when my mate, Ant came round.

Well, it all started when my mate, Ant came round. He asked me if I wanted to buy some weed, and i told him i had no cash, so he said "Hey, don't worry, I got £40..." so we went and bought an OZ of top quality hash and sat down on a bench and started skinnin' up. "Will", he said... "Wanna go Mushie Pickin' tomorrow mornin?"... so i said yes and we had a smoke that night and went home...

8am the next morning, KnOCK!! KnOCK!! on the fucking door...
It was ant, with a spliff in his hand... "You coming?" he said.. "comin where?" i asked. "Mushie pickin' u fuckin idiot!" he said... so reluctantly, i got dressed got my boots on and went out. He led me on some fuckin mission all over the fuckin fields until we got to this place he called: ' Humpty Dumpty Hill '.

We started the smoke with a couple of joints and then a few bongs to start us off on the mushroom mission. We trawled the fields for hours and then met up around 11am.. We counted the mushrooms on a nearby wall, they were all Psilocybe Semilancata, but we did actually have a couple of Amanitas which we didnt really want to risk taking. So, we counted the mushrooms and ended up with around 800-900 which is about 10 average trips worth if prepared in a mushie brew.

So we went back to mine, me mum was at work and went in the kitchen, put the mushrooms in a big pan and started boiling them up. After 30 minutes, Ant had prepared the Mushroom Juice and stored it in a 2 litre plastic bottle. He told me to drink as much as i could, but not to go over the top so i thought fuck it, held my nose and gulped a big dose back.
He did the same, only he had more, so i thought "Fuck It" and had another gulp.

We just sat there watching tv, stoned shitless and all of a sudden, Ant stood up, opened the back door and then closed it. So i got up went over to the back door, where i was standing (blankly) and said "What the fuck r u doin?" and he just stared at me and started speaking russian or something. Anyway, after about an hour, i came up and without realising, i went for a shit but i didnt have a shit in the toilet, i had a shit in the bathtub. Then i sort of realised i was stoned out of my head and i had downed about 1/4 of a litre of mushroom brew. I stood there staring at my turd and i was laughing so bad... i could hear water dripping so i quickly stared at the tap, but nothing was coming out, but i could hear 'drip, drip' so i went downstairs, and ant was watching static on the tv and his eyes looked like marbles. I sat down, started staring at the static and then everything morphed into a big white ball. I was sat in the middle of a huge white room... all i could see around me was white.. I felt like i was in heaven, it was refreshing, i could feel a cool breeze all over me and all of a sudden i was in my back garden lying face down in the grass soaking wet. I got up, ant was nowhere to be seen so i went upstairs and went to bed... I woke up around 6pm that day, and ant was on my sofa practically unconcious and i had sobered up off my trip, i woke him up and we decided that next time it was season, we would pick as many as possible... Trust me, it was fucking ace

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