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selfinduced insanity

I'll start off with the setting of this twisted experience.

I'll start off with the setting of this twisted experience.
It was my buddys birthday and to celebrate we had a party in his basement. Approx. 30 people showed up with beer, ganja, etc. Anyway as a birthday present I picked up a quarter pound of excellant shroomies. My buddy and I are fairly experienced with all sorts of drugs from cocaine to exotics like 2cb so we figured 15 grams each should do the trick. Shorty after ingesting are stash we felt the onset which was more powerful than any shroomz we did before. Anyway shortly after that the other non-tripping assholes at the party started makeing the scene very very tense. Due to the large amount of poison in out blood we both lost it and flipped out at pretty much the exact same time. This resulted in us kicking some 20 odd thugs outta the scene. As a result of their absence the fungi catapulted us into one twisted but beautiful world. I'll do my best to recap the events but it might prove difficult. The first strong effects I felt (or better yet saw) was the carpet crawling 3 quarters the way up the wall followed by the concrete floor turning into somewhat of a vortex. The first time I shut my eyes my ego completely left this world followed by an amazing feeling off oneness with everything around me. Upon opening my eyes after about 5 minutes the basement had turned into something of an alternate dimension
with flouresent gridlines shooting out of every inch and hovering shapes formed out of these lines right in front of my face. One of the sober ones left with us then put on some really incredible goa trance music that just lfited me higher and higher until my eyes shut again. When my eyes shut this time I cannot explain in words the feelings, sights, sounds, ideas, etc that clouded my mind but the best way i can describe it would definetly be a breathtaking, beautiful, Insane sort of spiritual experience of being in different worlds, dimensions, zones, etc. Upon opening my eyes this time I felt some sort of SELF-INDUCED INSANITY that was frightning and fullfilling at the same time (go figure). I don't quite remember this period but the sitter told me later that i had lost all touch with reality and was blabbing on about some sort of alien with my eyes stuck open 4 another 3 and some odd hours of a wierd trance state unlike that which I usually go into fairly easily on shroomz. Anyway I can't recall or explain much more of this experience but I can say that it completely blew my mind and changed my life 4 the better.


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