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Crouching Mushroom

Ive taken mushrooms about twenty or so times, with lsd and other things Ive tripped about a hundred and fifty all together.

Ive taken mushrooms about twenty or so times, with lsd and other things Ive tripped about a hundred and fifty all together. This was by far the most intense and beautiful experience Ive ever had. I was up at school and one of my friends had picked up a pound of golden teacher, at least thats what he calls them I truly cant distinguish them that well. Regardless i picked up 12 grams and a quarter of minty herb. When I got home I went straight to my room and picked out the largest specimen in the bag. As I was crunching away my mom walked in and asked me if I wanted to see crouching tiger hidden dragon at the midnight show (it was 11 and I thought she was asleep). I thought to myself, this could be a very deep experience if I can pull it off. So I quickly ate a little bit of bud to compensate for the oncoming rush of psylo. When I walked out to the car I noticed the dense fog that was coming down on our city. It had rained for two days and was finally clearing up but the humidity was so strong the fog stuck to everything like smoke. By the time I got in the theatre the rainbow effect was coming on and I felt extremely light on my feet. For some reason no one was around to see anything else that night for such a big show. To say the least it was surreal. I knew that crouching tiger was a kung fu flick but I had no idea how intricate the fight scenes were. By the end of the film I was marble eyed all to hell and in tears (seeing as the girl kills herself). As she was floating down into the mountains I really felt the entire philosophical aspect of the movie hit me all at once. I broke out in tears at the sheer lovelyness of the whole atmosphere being laid down in front of me. The mist seemed to fall off the screen and into the front rows of the theatre. From that point on I had a clear mental image of Lee Mu Bai sitting in the forest peacefully meditating and explaining everything I was experiencing. Im ussually pretty emotional so it was nothing new to my mom. Walking out the fog seemed to have tripled, maybe it was me. I was just so glad to have shared that experience with a parent of all people and to walk away much more knowledgeable. We went home and I laid in bed mesmerized by what I had just seen. At this time Id say I was perfectly happy and tripping hard enough to be content. Lee Mu Bai began to explain to me that this level of contentment the possibility for going deeper is more open. I realized that Im not always this ready for a grander trip and I should take advantage. I smoked 2 j's and contemplated the remaining ten or so grams. By now I was getting pretty shifty, fields of motion were rushing in and out of my vision and I felt very euphoric. Ive had one bad trip with shrooms before so I know the psychosis that can overtake your mind if you overdo it but I was too enlightened to let that scare me off. Thus I began munching like a beaver on wood. Ive always loved the flavor so they went fast. Than I realized what the hell I just did. One gram stalk and cap had just set me off completely for 3 hours, ten grams more and I might not ever land on earth again. I felt like Hunter Thompson overdoing it just for the sake of overdoing it. I was starting to get so high that it was imparing my walking. Hallucinations really started at this point. Somehow I grabbed my bowl, a poncho and the rest of the bud and stumbled towards the lake that I live on. This is by far the best place to trip anywhere near me. Its about four hundred feet across and seven hundred long, covered in ducks, geese, filled with huge fish and turtles. With the occasional skunk, fox, or raccoon I knew that I would have to watch myself in this state. I began fixed point meditation on some trees in the distance and everything fell into place. Neon sparkles began spreading themselves everywhere they could, everywhere the fog would let up. The geese and ducks had their conversations in that strange clucking noise, and it was great. My head finally gave in and collapsed. I felt the uplifting feeling at its peak. I thought, if I just stand up and point my hand I can fly over to the other side just like Lee Mu Bai. I was much to high to even stand correctly but the outside image of this glorious child standing at the edge of a fantastic lake made me laugh for what seemed like hours. It was probably a few minitues though because I was plopped down on the grass covered in dew when I became aware of my surroundings again. The most amazing thing happened next, when I closed my eyes nothing changed at all. I was still hallucinating massivly, swirling shapes and vivid orbs of energy everywhere, but I was still seeing as my eyes were open. As if my eye lids were subject to x rays from my inner mind. Lee Mu Bai explained to me (he was ussually to be seen just above my third eye about ten feet away, hovering smiling and looking down) that my mind had melded with the outside world. That every hallucination was justified naturally and accepted by the surrounding enviroment. I felt at peace with everything. The geese had moved closer to me and began to walk about twenty feet to my left through my moms garden. I just stared at them with great awe as they chattered away on their mission or whatever it is they were doing. I smoked some more and could not control my body any longer. I was so light headed that I had to lay down on the bench and let my limbs fall where they would. I began to fall back into the grass like trainspotting but it was so much more. The fog covered the sky and everywhere around me. All I could see was grey moisture and a few tree branches way above me. The branches merged with the fog and became a new entity unto itself. Ive never ever never seen such a beautiful hallucination in all my life. It was like the branches were playing with the fog in a game of maze creation and loving caress. Every piece of wood became a vein for the interaction between water and wood. I realized that these too forms of matter are tied so closely naturally that it makes perfect sense for them to be in love with each other. Some clouds must have passed because the moon started to shine through and give off this great white light. Needless to say that overtook my entire body and soul. I have been far away from my body through my dxm experiments but this was much more grand. To be lifted up and away on that night by the moon meant so much more, felt so much more real than any synthetic. I must have spent three hours just floating through the branches and over the lake, through the herds of ducks and geese listening in on gossip between two coexisting species. I figured out that crouching tiger had been the influence on my mind that produced the ability to step out of myself and into the other place. If youve ever been out of your body you know how it feels to float and linger over everything as if you are god tending to his creations. As I finally began to unwind reality came back together and the pieces reintegrated themselves into my field of vision. I was back at the state of massive hallucination again but able to sit up and try and hold myself together. I quite messily packed a bowl and walked like a drunked mime around the lake. At one time I thought a raccoon was following me trying to steal my bud (ala Sartre) but I think it was just the shadows and the fog. I walked well into dawn and became too paranoid to stay out in the light in my condition. I crawled back towards my house but I couldnt force myself away from the greatest experience of my life. So I compramised and sat on the deck watching from afar the vast intricate life force that is my lake. Thank god for the fog though, as I was able to stay out till about ten am without being visible. Finally I smoked the rest of my stash and layed down to hide from onlookers. The sense of america began to seep into my bones as cars and planes flew over and by me. Its a very sickening feeling, because you know none of these people give a good god damn about what I just saw. They want money and jokes and sex. All I want is to be a duck worshipper and float in the fog forever. I cried for a little while and that sobered me up quite a bit. I think that is a very important part of shrooming, to let your soul pour out its intentions to the greater sprits that watch over us at all times. Only than can they understand your intentions and guide you to what you truly desire as a good loving human. The traffic and horns became too much for me and I went inside to glow and look back on what I saw. I could bring Lee Mu Bai back if I wanted to but the fiction aspect of his presence seemed unholy in some way. So I did the next best thing and stripped naked to meditate in complete darkness. Afterglow over, I went to sleep still shifty eyed but very content. I wish I didnt have to sleep in that condition but I was exhausted mentally, physically and spiritually. I could never ask for anything more. If you ever want to share anything with me drop me a line at guardiandelphi@aol.com Id love to share ideas and experiences with anyone. peace and love.

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