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walking on water

i went on a trip to see my 2 best friends and they took me to a nice feild in florida.

i went on a trip to see my 2 best friends and they took me to a nice feild in florida. we picked about 250 shrooms
at about 7:00pm at night we started munching on all 250 shrooms till we couldnt eat anymore. at about 8:00 the shrooms almost gone, we started to watch the movie the wall and it kicked in. i started to see the movie come to real life. it was amazing once the movie was over we went for a walk around the block the trees started to close in on me and cars were driving on water. i just sat on the grass of some house saying " i can't move" he asked why and said that "the cars driving across water and i didnt want to drown" thats when they picked me up took me too the house. when we got in the house we put some music on and then thats when my friends started to flip out. one of them just got up and left the house and never came back. and the other started to se god written on the wall. once that happend a dog appeared out of the house and then it was gone. myone friend tried to talk to me but all i heard was like if someone slowed his voice down then made it fast. 11:00 my friend who got up and left came back and he told that got lost in his mind and didnt even know where he was, thats why he left earler. we tried to understand why we all lost our mind and didnt know what, we started to talk but just about everything we said we laughing at so we didnt get anything accomplished. the friend that left wanted to go to bed cause he never ate 60 caps before he couldn't take it. so went to a room and sat there till he fell asleep. later that night at around 12:00 i was hit by a glow stick and thought the sky was falling and ran all the way to the gas station, i tried calling someone to pick me up but i couldn't dial the number so walked all the way back to the house. on the way back to the house things like ripples coming from the ground everytime i took a step. now i was back at the house, when i went back inside the house i wne t to the porch in the back both my friends were there and saw me and thought i was a ghost and ran into the house and chased them say 'it's me guys" but they didnt beleave it was me. we al started to settle down and talk again and we talked about was coming back to reality. it was justto intense of a trip. for all of us, one of my friends will never take shrooms again and the other will never take such a high dosage next. i on the other hand love intense trips so do it again and again. in the morning we al talked about and the one thought he was blob of putty cause he really didnt want to move he said, and the other thought he died i wnet to a phychadelic heaven. i just fell into a alice in wonderland movie and didnt know what was going on in my mind.

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