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First Trip,think jungle book.


Well...I've always wanted to do LSD since i was 12...but it was a pipe dream...8 years later,i get a call from a friend. "eh dude,i got us some magic mushrooms,they fuck you right up"....i was ecstatic,i have always wanted to use a hallugenic drug,so today was the day.

He gives me the mushrooms,a little over 1gram. I keep them over night,and in the morning,after checking the IRC(on this website) for additional information,i eat the mushrooms,and walk over to my friends house.

I was being as peaceful as possible as walking over just incase i trip before i reach his house.As i get to his house,there is a bunch of fighting...and im not so comfortable anymore...but i figure ive been ripped off since its been a half hour and nothing has happened.

Just as things cool down and everyones in a peaceful mind state,i figure ill go ask for some more since im not tripping yet...all of a sudden i felt it in my cut,i was extremely stoned,i could barely stand because i felt so heavy.

So hear i am,sitting in my friends garage,stoned as Bob Marley in amsterdam....and im the only one tripping..i felt sick and wished i didnt take the mushrooms..my friend was going to take his but i told him not to...since im not hallucinating and i feel really sick...his brother comes in and tells me just to keep it positive,and he didnt know why i wasnt hallucinating...

As i look at my non-tripping-friends....they slowly start to get thinner...and it looked like one of them had a big fat vein running all around his face...i was like "holy crap this is freaking cool"

Everyone starts laughing at me...i asked why,they're just like "nothing,you look normal....just you've got the biggest grin ever"

The garage door started to change colours..the ground below me stretches out,and i feel like im going to feel sick...i once again regret the mushrooms...and then the garage started to tilt,and turn,the light of fire came pouring from under the garage door...and i thought i was in a big machine,the garage was tilting and turning because the machine was walking over rough terrain...i felt helpless and sick...eventually one of my non-tripping friends puts on some old '80's music,that was real fun to trip to,it made it all better,they opened the garage door....and i couldnt believe what i saw....


WTF?! how is that possible? it was waving at me with a bunch of branches...i remember it looked so real,it WAS the real tree..but waving....i asked them immediately to close the door.

i tell my friend to eat his mush because im afraid to be doing it alone,he starts to eat some,and hes finding me annoying telling him everything i see...

We decide to go outside...i was so effing stoned as we walked out i didnt even realize where we were even though i walk up here twice a week..we walk down the street..i remember seeing fog infront of me...it was so dense i couldnt see even 10 feet away...then all of a sudden BOOM i could see all the way down the street.

We walked to the weed spot..on the way i remember a street sweeper scaring me...my friends said we had to ride the bumper...i feared it so much i had to get out of there quickly...i also remember on the way all the trees were swaying and bugs were all textured...

We get to the weed spot,Peter(there were 3 of us..and peter had to go to work so he was sober) was getting bored..so he started to burn old PB's with his lighter..i remember black smoke was coming off of it...and was flying around like tadpoles...it was freaky...

I feel the urge to go to the washroom...as i walk over to go...the tree's were all waving and gesturing for me to come over...i was going to piss on one of the trees..but the roots were moving to much..so i held it the rest of the trip...the whole trip reminded me of jungle book because the forest was such a jungle when high on mushrooms...

Random funny things that happened during my trip:

Friends talking to me would get closer and farther.

Andrew (the friend who was tripping) thought he was hallucinating when someone left their car keys in the mail box...and took them...after the trip he found them and was paranoid he was gonna get in trouble

We made a fool out of ourselves in various ways.

We ran into Andrews dad,and he offered us a ride home because we seamed to distracted to walk home.

A dog started to bark at Andrew till he eventually climbed up a tree,and fell out,in fear it was going to hurt him.

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