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Crazy crazy stuff

Ok here it is, Me and my buddy Nico were at his house one fine Xmas morning and we went xmas shopping right, so after we get home nico bust out this big huge bag of mushrooms, and asks me if i wanna do some mushrooms so im like sure.

Ok here it is,
Me and my buddy Nico were at his house one fine Xmas morning and we went xmas shopping right, so after we get home nico bust out this big huge bag of mushrooms, and asks me if i wanna do some mushrooms so im like sure. So we walk down to the store and buy a gallon of OJ, to chase the shrooms down, so were on our way to the frisby golf course and half way there we stop in front of some dudes house and start munching away on mushrooms, next thing you know his 2oz bag was down to about a quarter, Nico was like holy shit we just ate about an ounce of shrooms each. i was taken away when he told me. so we keep walking to the frisby golf course
to play some disk in the snow. Well I get stuck with the white disk, as you can imagine i spent most of the time looking for my disk in the snow. Well about a half hour later I got this "bad vibe". I was like Nico i gotta go home, so we leave and start walking to the bus to go to my house.
Now this is where it starts getting weird. We get on the bus and I can feal everyones eyes on me thats on the bus, and im looking around and I hear them whispering things crazy things to eachother. Then the bus driver gets off to go talk to a police man, so I was thinking in my fucked up head that he was a nark and he "knew" I was thinking about jumping out of the window, but then Nico started talking to me and brought me down. Next thing I know one of Nico's buddies get on the bus and they start bull shiting. So there I was agian left to wonder around my own mind. The bus leaves the station and I'm sitting there starring out the window. Now it must of been about an hour and a half since we ate that shit so i was starting to trip pretty hard. I remmeber I was looking out of my window looking at the counry side (if any of you have had daju you'll know what im sayn) well i was looking out and i was thinking " what happens next"? What happens next when we would pass a famillar sight. As we get closer to our stop it starts becoming clear to me. Closer and closer we get until the bus stops then it finally hits me, what happens next..."Get off the bus" pops in my head and I do it, Nico right behind me. We start talken and he was like "dude you were starting to scare me. I said "how so" then Nico said "you were staring out the window mumbling to yourself with a no good look in your eye". I laughed I think?
This is where it gets fucking crazy. So next thing I know I'm laying on my couch watching Jenny Jones and looking at our Xmas tree melting down like it was plastic, it looked so weird with all the lights and orniments on it.. So there we are just me and Nico, my mom wasnt home yet. So im on the couch and Nico is on the other one. Next thing I know I stand up really fast and fall over my coffee table breaking it I stand up in a daze and run full speed into our wood stove and knock myself unconscious..Now by now you people are saying to your selfs this guy is really fucked up, I was.
Next thing I know Nico is slapping me in the face saying my mom is pulling down the drive way. So Nico kinda lifts me up and walks me to my room, but before he can get me there I run away from him and into my mom's office. Some how I manage to get myself wedged between a chair and a bookcase, Nico is standing above me grabbing my hand trying to pull me up. (Now let me tell you kinda where my mine was at. I was thinking, hell I dont know what I was thinking at that moment). So im still wedged in between the bookcase and chair, and my mother walks in (dun dun dun plot thinkens) all i can remmber is her screaming call 911 call 911. So then Nice tells her we ate some mushrooms an im just overdosing on them everthing will be alright in a few hours. I guess that calmed her down. And guess what I do next? Piss my fucking pants... So my mother tells Nico to strip me down naked and throw me into my bed.. lol what are friends for right?
So there I am in my bed, its pitch black execpt for a crack of light comming from my door. The rest of the night I hear sounds from my childhood. That was tripping me out then (the whole time in my bed I was slipping in and out of consiousness I think). At that point in time I had a revilation I thought all life was, was one big dream. anything you want bam its your just think about it. So I was thinking of big orgies with hot girls and shit, I cant really remmeber but I probley had a wet dream or two or three.. And I also thought when you wake up, if you wake up everthing will be back to normal. Bad thought, real bad though. To me that was a licence to do whatever the hell I wanted. I grabbed a pair os sissors on my night stand and I strated cutting my hair taking big ol chunks out and laughing, thinking about fast cars loose women and drugs. Well I finally came back to reality and got up turned my light on, to see my bed wet, my pellow covered in hair my piss soaked pants and boxers laying by the door. I was stumped, I walked out in the living room to see what was going on, it was 8:30 or 9:00 pm. As I walk in I see Nico sitting on my couch watching t.v., I say to him Nico, What the hell are you doing here? Then he said what you dont remmeber what you did...
We sat down and he tells me all of what happened, it all starts to come back to me, and I say to him I thought it was all a dream and we laughed our asses off and went to sleep after a while... The end
Well theres my big mushroom story. and Nico if you read this I love you buddy, those were good times we had..


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