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big one-i am a fool

hear this and hear it well.

hear this and hear it well. i have achieved the ultimate in tripping and anyone who rates this less than a level five does not know what qualifies (or quantifies, on the mushroom weird-o-meter) one. i was in an organism that was made up of three different enitities that fought for control of the major body. i was trying to convince the other two entities to revolt against the system that held us together. then one of the entities said "watch out, Ublio will hear you" and then this big blue thing came out of no where and i had never felt so much terror. i was convinced that i was this organism. all through the scene in my head i was thinking "is this it? is this all" in a tiny little part of my brain that i now realise was my ego. i forgot who i was .my entire life was nothing. talk about being dumped headfirst into another dimension! dosage was far too many blue meanies made into a tea that i drank while very stoned. i do silly things with drugs when stoned! there was other stuff in the trip like my toes falling off and me trying to stick them back on, and my friend breathed in a couch,like, i saw her inhale it, and i also thought reality was unwinding and only by yeling certain phrases could i prevent it. the thing was reality really was unwinding and parts of my body would shoot off to the other side of the room leaving me flailing after them. i was certain for a while that i had lost too many pieces of my body to be alive. i could see the places where bits were missing. i walked around missing a leg and an arm for about five minutes before i lost train of thought on that trip. it was amazing and intense and lasted till i passed out for twelve hours. i guess maybe four or five hours till it got so intense my brain yelled stop. and for that i thank it. because i have been to other dimensions and i have been to hell and died and i have flown and shrunk and grown and what's more... i have believed it all....totally...

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