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Snake Attack!

Me and 2 friends tried shrooms for the first time last week.

Me and 2 friends tried shrooms for the first time last week. I got advice on how to trip from this site. My friends had heard about other fun things to do while on a trip (like looking at blacklight posters and laying on top of a hill at night and stuff like that). We desided that we would trip on top of a hill with these girls. We dropped them and just sat there looking at eachother scared shitless of what might happen. For about a half an hour we just looked at stuff waiting for something crazy to happen(like warped vision or like little people), but nothing seemed to happen. Just when I thought that we had under-dosed and we should take some more or smoke weed or something, my friend got up and ran like hell! I ofcoarse ran after him thinking he may have seen cops or something. Just as I was about to catch up to him, the ground got really sticky and I had trouble walking. I think I sat on a rock and looked at the grass for a while. The grass started to take on a new form and became water. I quickly snapped back into reality and began to realise I was beging my journey. I reached down to pick grass when I heard a scream right next to me. I inturn screamed but it didn't sound right at all. Almost like someone had screamed for me. I turned around in circles for a while looking for a person in danger or something. I suddenly regained memory of where I was and ran for my friend's house. I must have tripped over rocks 30 times before I got to the street. I jumped in my friends window and lucky for me he was there. I scared the shit out of him and he asked me what I was doing here. I told him I was running from the cops and I needed to chill here for a bit. He agreed to hide me for 30min or so but then i needed to go because he was going out. That is when all hell broke loose. While he was talking to me, his poster began to move. I just stared at it because it was so hypnotic I couldn't withdraw myself from it. It was aliens landing in this field and they were walking around looking for something and talking in foot stomps. I felt I knew exactly what they were saying and I begged them to take me with them by stompping my feet in response. Well, you can imagine what my friend was thinking when I this little show. He grabed me and shook me violently for a while and started to talk to me but i couldn't hear him over the sound of the space ship. His tounge began to split and I thought that he was a snake. No sooner did I think of this then he became a snake and he tried to bite me. I pushed him off and screamed violently agian(so i am told), broke a lamp, and ran through his house screaming for Jesus to save me. Thank God his parents had left for dinner before I flipped way the fuck out. As I ran for the kitchen, I convinced myself that I couldn't go in the kitchen because that is where snakes hide. I sat in the small closet next to the door for about an hour just thinking about my life and how I can swim really good. The darkness slowly closed in on me and I became hystarical. My friend opened the door and ripped me out of it's hands. As i turned to look in the closet, I saw myself being consumed by the darkness. I thought that i died and began to cry. As I cried I felt my face melting away and my eyes getting bigger. I passed out after seeing the room become a black hole as all the matter in space collapst in on itself and ceased to be. I found my self saying prayers as i felt weaker and weaker and then darkness. When I awoke, I was in my friend's bed and he was on the computer. Thank God for him, he called my parents and pretended to be me, put me to sleep in his own bed, and covered for me in every way. That's how you know who your real friends are. Needless to say I got his back and owe him more then I can repay. It was a pretty cool trip but i would suggest being happier and beging with friends shroomin too. I would probably do it again but less with more people. Thanks for reading this, Eat-em-up!

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