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Magic Mountain

it was around Christmas time and i was 16 years old.

it was around Christmas time and i was 16 years old. it was my first time ever taking scrooms. at first i was kinda nervous and didnt know what to expect. ive taken LSD before but all my friends told me shrooms were totally different. i told my self if i were do take shrooms i wanted to be in a good and happy environment so that nothing bad would happen so me and a couple of friends decided to take a little trip to Magic Mountain. that mourning when i woke up i went out got an ounce of shrooms a cartoon of cigs and a 1/8 of weed. My friends and me left about 12am. we were on our way! on the ride up there i was really getting anxious into eating the shrooms. at first i just tried putting them in my mouth and swallowing well that didn’t work out the taste was sooo horrible i threw it right back up! ( ewww ) well then my friend said that if u put them in tea then drink them it helps with the taste so we pulled over got some tea and there went a 1/2 an 1/8. about 30 mins later i caught myself staring at the clouds for a really long time then i asked my self what i was doing, i couldnt answer myself i didnt really know what i was doing. an hour into it i started to really feel a body trip not to much visual thought. then we finally got to Magic Mountain right when i saw all the rides i was really skied. right before i got in i ate another 1/2 an 1/8. about 30 mins after that my friends and me could not stop laughing i mean every little thing just made us crake up. All the rides were absolutely amazing and by about 2pm the visuals really started to kick in. there were trails every way i turned my head and the speeds of the roller coasters just made it all that much funnier. by about 3pm i ate another cap and for some reason it tasted really good so i just kept on eating them. i think an 1/8 went in me in about 5 mins. after that point i felt a little sick i think i might have over did it i had to take a little breather all the laughing was getting out of control but i was still having sooo much fun by the end of the night me and my 3 other friends ate a whole ounce and smoked a whole cartoon of cigs i never really did know how much shrooms i actually ate but i know it was alot i couldnt get to sleep until like 9am the next day a

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