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Friday the 13th

This is just a short story to sum up my night.

This is just a short story to sum up my night..It doesn't sound as messed up as it was but it's like everyone says "YOU HAD TO BE THERE"..to make matters worse it was Friday the 13th..My friend Sarah and I were trippin' on mushrooms one night at this party. I decided that I had to go to the washroom..so I walked in and closed the door behind me and realized that the zipper on my pants was 1/4 of the way down..then I thought I heard the people outside the room laughing about it and talking about how they were going to laugh at me when I got out...I was tripping out so bad and had to get out of there...so I was about to open the door and something weird happened (it reminded me of the movie Final Destination)anywayz I saw myself swinging the door open and yelling shut up...but really I didn't do it...it was like I saw myself do it but stopped it before it happened...When I opened the door I stood there confused as I look around and no one seemed to notice that anything bizzare had happened...So Sarah and I decided to leave because there were too many people there and we were tripping out too bad..We were walking to the Park downtown when we looked over to a doorway by a store I said to Sarah "do u see that?" It had glowing bright green eyes and a black outline like a dog but it had no actual body...we slowly walked away while it watched us from the corner it's eyes were following us..I was so messed up..We sat in the park for so long there was no one around it felt like no one lived in our town...it was so dead..we then got this big energry rush so we were like running around and stuff but the weirdest thing was it felt like we were in jello..if u can imagine that?..it's like u could jump,run whatever but you would never fall...and it seemed like you and everything else was moving in slow motion....I was tripping out so bad and then all of a sudden I couldn't see anything. Everything looked orange & blue. It was like looking at a T.V but really really close. I've heard of people seeing it before but it seemed like there was a curtain over my eyes and I couldn't see anything..I thought I was going to die. It died down after about 3/4 minutes..but when yer trippin', 3/4 minutes can last a long time...it was weird too because it seemed like time didn't move evry time we look at the time it was alwayz 1:19am...and it seemed like everything we did was a routine...the same things kept happening over and over in a matter of 20 minutes....I've tripped out before so many times but never as bad as I did that night......

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