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Big ben the dragon

Me and my friends were out smokin some a couple of weeks ago whn i was offered some shrooms.

Me and my friends were out smokin some a couple of weeks ago whn i was offered some shrooms. i was slightly stoned at the time and dont recall exactly how many i ate but it was alot. but any ways it was about an hour later when i thought nothing was gonna happen and that i must have grown immuene some how when shit started happening. i looked up at the celing fan but all it was was a clock turning time forward then backwards. Now this is why i love shrooms i recal saying to myself. i decided to get up and walk around to see what else would happen. i walk outside and for some reason start to run. i run straight into the sky.whoa! there is aplane to my left i think to myself, no to my right, no i am the plane! i look myself over in a weird third person veiw and smile. i fly around and eventually come to england. what the f***? how did i get here? i see big ben. ive always wanted to see it. i aproach it slowly. whats that? its alive? it slowly curls up like a snake, and unfurls as a dragon! shit! i run for what i thought was my life! i find myself on top of some ones roof, staring as it aproaches me, searching the ground it walks on trying to find me.it looks up. it sees me! i run again from roof to roof, i feel like im from that stupid mivie crouching tiger hiddin dragon, cept this dragon is not hidden very well. slowly it catches up with me befor it turns into a bear who offers offers me a joint. what the hell its better than a dragon i say to myself. after talking to the bear for a while i some how find a bike and ride home to my house. on my way home i felt like i as in a cartoon, on one of those old fassion bikes with the really small back tire and the huge front one. all around me colors like ive never seen. i swear there must have been colors that man has never seen befor. unlike any others. some how i find my room and my bed and fall asleep. where i really went during my trip i have no idea!

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