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First trip, sublime

So we pull into the driveway.

So we pull into the driveway. The place is sort of out of town, a pretty woodsy area, almost like a cabin. I live in Alaska, and we've had a moderate amount of snow this winter. There are trees all around the house, birch mostly.... no leaves on any of them. It was my first time, and the friend I brought along had never done entheogens before either.

We each had a 20, about 4 dry caps and 4 stems apiece.

Coming up there was no nausea, and the shrooms I ate tasted mildly delicious. After the first twenty minutes I could stare at something and make it move, but it was nothing too spectacular. I walked around for a bit and felt a bit of a body high, nothing intense.

So I ended up sitting down, and the room was like this picture. It started to fold into itself, but I could change it back at will it seemed... I tilted my head to make it right again. I could blink and the world was fine. This was alright, but I wouldn't have minded more!

So two of my old friends showed up, making about 10 of us there. They weren't tripping, just high on a little weed. The 4 of us go out to my car (my first friend and two that just showed up). I turned on some Jimi Hendrix, (CD 4 of the box set). I'd decided to smoke some weed, and after that things started to become a little weirder.. It was some pretty good weed.

My friend wanted to drive me around, and after explaining it to me a couple times, I handed him my keys. We were off. We were moving, and the road started melting, it seemed it melted into the past, behind us. Everything was so intense outside. Looking back it makes me understand some animals' fear of riding in the car. On the road, we passed this area that I used to live in with my dad.... my dad's old house. There were many intense thoughts during this period that I remember - some were of my family, some of nature and man's interaction with it. The area was so beautiful. The CD started skipping and playing the same 2 seconds... I remember it irritating me but it did not change my mood.

We got back, and everyone got out of the car except my first friend and me. He was spacing out in the backseat, all quiet. And Jimi was so sublime, when he finished his solo I just cried. It was like magic.

We got back to the house and I started visualizing this purple sphere above the world. It was interacting with the music. I remember thinking that everyone has a color, and mine had to be purple (even if my favorite color is green, and no, I'm not gay). I looked at the trees outside... They looked 2-dimensional, like cardboard cutouts at the movie rental store. They started bending and overlapping each other.... it was a nice show. I could command them sort of.... it made me feel happy. Then the world took on a purple tinge. One of my friends asked me what I was looking at and I told him, "The world." I was thinking, "Just look at this world...." There was so much contrast, and it all fit. I felt this appreciation, this peace, this at-home-with-nature sort of feeling.

I went back inside and things calmed down a little. I saw all these things inside the house; remote controls, VCRs, toys, metal contraptions, and I was saddened a little by how materialistic our society has become.

I started to see patterns, clear though. They changed the shape of the people a little, but I could still easily make everyone out, and sometimes I dismissed them. Everything I looked at inside was still a little purple-hued. There were 3 objects on the floor, and I imagined them in midair.....and so they were.

I just chilled for awhile, and I felt the vibe in the room. Some other people were in that room on shrooms and the vibe felt orange to me. And so, I saw orange.

I started coming down and everything was less sublime. I had a body high for the rest of the day... I'll call it that, a body high. I started my watch at ingestion, and the trip did indeed last about 6 hours. I'd heard that Vitamin C helps the visuals, so I drank some cranberry juice after ingestion.

This was my first trip, and I would definitely say it was a positive one. I think the research beforehand helped a lot going into it, as did the company (even though I was relatively quiet the whole time).

I wholly recommend going outside if you're in a natural environment. There was an awe I felt about the whole experience outdoors...

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