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It waz a nice summer day.

It waz a nice summer day. Like everyday, i wocke up at about 12 pm .. since i dropped out of school i had planty of time on My handz. So i get up, make a cup of tea and
i get a phonecall from one of my friendz. Aperently he skipped work today and wanted to chill. he sayz come over i got a surprize for ya man. i sed ok !!

Bla bla bla ... i got to hiz house, i come in and he stix this bag in my face. Aperently the cock smoker had 6 gramz of shroomz on him. That puzzeld me! since he never did anything but Herbalz in hiz life!!

Aperently he checked one of my boyeez last night for Half Q
of Hydro But the guy waz dry and Gave him the rest of hiz shroomz insted for like $20 , but since he never did shroomz b4 he waz a lil Paranoid and waz scared to do it By him self, so i take it thats Y he called me Over.

So Bla bla bla he asked me how thay feel and this and that, cuz he waz scared to take them and actully wanted to sell them to me for like $30.
But i sed its coo , less do it. we gana have so much fucking fun its not even funny, i told him you gona love it man .

i never usely eat shroomz i make tea out of it, so we put a 1/2 gramz in a sandwich and 1/2 gram to make tea. so 2 cupz of tea and 2 sandwichez.

Then we both looked at each other, then consumed the sandwiches and guzzeld the tea and well, therz no turning back now =).... Now i sudenly came up with a plan.

the plan waz to go downtown to visit one of my boyeez,

he livez by him self so we can freak out all we want noone will bother us. so we both grabbed a bottle of Pepsi from hiz fridge and hit the road.

Five minutes after we left hiz building we realized the pepsi bottles were Bursting with blue and red, thay were so shiny and sharp , i smiled , cuz i knew it waz kikin in.
My friend at other hand started Giggling. =).. he found the Pepsi bottle amusing,and evreything waz so calm , the flowerz all over pplz lawnz and shit,the air smelld good, birdz were skwitching.. it waz nice.

My friend waz like , !! hay man i think i like this shit..
and i sed and Y wuldint you.. he giggled at that and we aproched the bus.

we get on the bus, pop the busticketz in and sudenly it hit us.. at the same fucking time to. fucking spontanies..

Now we standing at the front of the bus looking down the hall of the buss and everyone juss fucking stering at us,thay knew, oh yes thay knew what we were up to.

My neck sudenly pulled in my chest , My Face started to crack this fucking big azz smile, but it waznt funny at all.
see i lost control over my fucking face i culdnt conseal the smile. My friend quikly realized we beter sit down cuz we look like 2 fucking clownz in the midle of the fucking bus. so we limp to the and of the buss and sit.

the bus engin startz . omg it shook the whole buz it waz so fucking loud and it started to move, then i realized
this is gona be one hell of a trip, therz nothing worst then being locked up in a tight space full of ppl you dont know wacked out on Hallusinogenz.

im in Panic. im tring to keep my head down and not look at anything at all. But i just cant help it. i looked at my friendz wacked out face and hiz goodamn lipz streched all the way to hiz earz. i can see hiz about to burst in tearz or laphter i waznt shure witch. The inside of the bus waz doing the washer and dryer effect. so i waz spinig like on a rolercoaster loop. Frankly that waz kinda cool.

and i kinda started to get use to this crazy trip, the motion of the bus waz actully kinda soothing.
i looked at my friend and hiz face told me that hiz thinking pretty much the same.

then the bus stopz. the engin stoped and the vibration from the engin stoped to. and that made me realize how fucking High i really waz . My armz and legz were twisting my hearing waz really choppy and echoiee.

ppl where moving in slow motion. Yet my frendz Crazy smile waz still on hiz face, i cant really recall if i waz smiling to at the time.
and i looked out the window and realized that we only have gone one fucking stop, basicly we traveld ruffly 1 min .

holy shit i thot. it felt like we where in that fucking hellish bus for Hours . and wee had to go to the end of the line. My god i thot!! i wanted to get of the godamn bus.

i looked at my friend and he waz obviesly in hiz own lil world, he waznt even looking at me . he waz defenetly Higher
than me .... i tride to reach for him and tap him on hiz sholder but my azz waz melted in the seat. I culdnt move..
Oh shit i thot =(... then the bus took off again.
the engin started to roar and the loud noise of the engin kinda calmed me down.

I realized one guy i knew from the Progects juss got on the buss. he saw me !! he walked to the end of the buss where me and my friend were siting in terror and sat down right across from me. looked at me and then put on hiz walkman
tuned in to hiz lil world not saying a word to me.
maby that waz for the best cuz i probly wuld have poped some silly shit that wuldint make any sance and make a fool out of my self on the buss full of ppl i dont know that were staring at me with lazer eyez.

The music he waz listening to was obviesly good. i culdnt hear it but the way that asshole waz hadbanging to it i knew it waz some good shit . i looked at my friend again and the poor guy waz really out to lunch. he waz sitting on the seat all shriveld up in a ball hiz face waz hidden in hiz raincoat . he waz obviesly freaking out.

But i culdnt stop looking at the headbangin guy i kinda knew from the progects, i really wanted to know wat he waz listening to. i sudenly wanted to Listen to some really Hard
Drum & Bass . i craved it. I waz in a Party mood.
Nothing like good music to take your mind off the carzy shit your on.

The headbanging Guy prosedet to Headbang and actully addet some foot tapping to hiz headbanging activety.

the foottapping made me look at hiz foot and bam!!!

son of a bitch musta Juss Purchest the shooz he waz whearing cuz thay were fucking shining like Gold.
at that point i waz so fucking high that thowz shooz were taking me away . thay were the sickest Nikez i ever saw, thay had air boblez and shit all sortz of fucking shit on it

Then i realized my fried somehow came out of the Trance he waz in and while smiling !! also waz cheking out the headbanging guyz shooz. My god we looked like 2 fucking retardz drooling over the headbanging guy i kinda knew from the Progects shooz!!

He notest us stering at hiz shooz, he cracked this wird smile at us like !!! you like eH? !!! oh we liked indeed !!!

i badly wanted thowz fucking shooz and i dont even know Y
i never wear shooz that tipe, i only wear skater shooz , /airwalkz / Vans / shit like that.
hiz shooz were one of thowz big fat basketball shooz like jordan shit or watever, or az we say Hommy shooz...

then the bus stopz. Goddamit we finaly arrived at the end of the line. the bus turnz into the underground subway station and thats exactly where we were to get off. we had to take the train now all the way Downtown.

we got off the bus and it felt good. we finaly made it, it felt like wed never make it out of there and we wuld die on that fucking bus but we made it.

the minute we got off the bus the whole trip sudenly changed.

we were happy again, exited !!! and redy to go wehre no man haz gone b4. so we hed towordz the escaleter..

Escaleter go down the whooooole ...

az we go down the escaleter my friend while giggling asked me if i waz really really high.. i sed Oh fuck yeaaaa...

he giggled even harder after i sed that, he waz acting like a child he waz laphing at apsolutley everything...
i for some fucking reason waznt. the escaleter took us down and we were standing in front of this really big underground hall that led o the trainz. the hall waz huge.

the minute we step into the hall the shroomz kikked in full force. aperently it waz the creeper and the shit we were experiensing on the buss waz just a lil taste!!!

OMG !!!!! evrythign slowd down so much it felt like if someone fired a gun at me i culd catch the bullit with my hand, thats how slow everything seemd. the sound turnd ito this really choppy effect, you know how when your bored and you listening to music and you close and open your earz with your fingerz to make the sound go in and out like choopy and shit. thats exaclty how everything soundet all we herd iz pa pa pa pa pa pa pa it soundet like someone waz rappedly breathing in my earz and the slow motion effect waz matching the chopping sound. pplz foot stepz were so loud and ecchoie it felt like im in some castle and we had to walk thrue all that juss to get to the train.

I emidetly came up with a name for that hall. Ill never forget it .

It waz to be known from now on az !!! The Hall of Death !!!

we walked in Terror really really fast, we wanted to get out of this hall asson as poseble.. but the demn thing waznt ending..we walked and walked and walked but it seemed we were still in the same spot and wer not even moving
That waz really geting to us!!! and finaly we made it..

Weeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaa i never been so happy in my entier life
i waz so glad the hall waz behind i felt like saying to the hall !!! In your Face Motherfucker !!!

In front of me waz a transfere box.

we grab a transfere go down one more small escaleter and bamm.. were here. now all we goto do is wait for the train to arive , we both sparked a smoke and wee wait!!!

the humm of the train aproching us waz fenomenal...
the breez waz great it felt good..

so withot any thot we get on the train and sonova bitch
the whole train inside waz Yellow so fucking yellow that we kept sayng !!!! holy shit its so fucking yellow !!!

we amedietly fount coforteble seatz . i sat by the window and started giggling like i never giggled b4 , my friend while looking at me giggle stared giggling even harder, aperently my giggling made him giggle and hiz gigiling made me giggle. So were were looking at each other like retardz and fucking Giggling .. it got to a dangerous point..
we culdnt stop fucking giggling, i culdnt breath and i knew that if i dont stop gigling ama run out of air and die
and for some goddamn reason the thot of that made me explode in Fucking laphter. i trully need a breath of air
and i waz laphing about it wahahahahah blahahahahahah
i culdnt stop... My friend compleatly lost it he laphed so hard hiz fucking snot sprade all over hiz raincoat and that made him explode with laphter to .

the other ppl on the train Knew we were defenetly not OK..
and we shure azz hell warent..at this point wee looked like 2 freakz that escaped out of a mental instetution. the train juss kept getting yellower and yellower.
we were Madd .....

and finaly the madnezz stoped, it waznt funny anymore the buzz waz wearing off we were juss left with slight visualz
the train waz still fucking yellw azz hell but the body buzz had dissapered.. we felt kinda normal normal.

so we got off the train whent to my frinedz house, had a cup of tea and told him the whole cary story!!!

The end

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