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Priest of shrooms

So I diceded to write my story to you all.

So I diceded to write my story to you all. Let me say that I do not speak English very well.
In April 2001 I was on a conference and met a guy who was growing psylocibe cubensis in the Zoo on fecus of the Elephants. That amazed me. You know a few months ago I was in French and they have a TV Channel, and on the srceen were everytime Elephants, how they are living in Africa and so on. We was laughing a lot on this scenes, we turned the TV on, and Elephants again.
The guy on this conference was a student on the Medical University and had a couple of trip with 5 MeO DMT, but he said this shit were too dangerous for him and for his friends nad it were better to deal with the schrooms. My brother has a videocamera and we decided to make a movie about this topic in the botanic garden of the zoo.
The beatiful mushes were in a terrarium with two bizarre lizards. The guy named Nibn explained us that the lizards need the same climate like the cubes. But we did not eat this mushies, it should to be dried.
OK. It was nice in the botanic garden, a lot of exotic vegetables. We ate that shromms with short biscuits. Nothing happend.
After a huge time I recognized that I was in a swimming pool. I levitated in the lukewarm water with colourful fishes, octopus’ and so on. May be a laguna somewhere.
I was swimming to the bottom but very-very quick. On the surface of the sea-bottom there was blach holes swirling the water and the animals. I joined a gap and I visualized the fractal tunnel.
I was flying after an octopus. I could reach his legs nad he took me to end of this tunnel. I was a litle bit scared. Remember the after death reports of the peolpe who died and came to the life. But I thought these people were happy and changes attitudes for the newcoming life.
But there was no heaven or hell on the end of the tunnel. There was a railway station in cyberpunk enviorment. The tranis were wrecked and the people were in rags. There was a lot of people hurrying to get on the trains.
I saw three persons in the midle of the station conversating with each other with special gestures. Yeah! Freezing! Those people were 10 feet high, a single orange eye in centre of the head, no lips and no noses, no hair. The head was a globe of wet tasted clay. The moving of these peolpe was really “alien”. The hands were trembling randomly like someone had an experiment with these species how they can move their arms, legs etc.
But in the sequence of this moving was a message to me. I had fear. I did know where I am nad who I am or what I am. I was not even sure if I was a human. I could not see my body but the mass did not thrown me or reach me. I was invisible for myself but the others could see me. (Have you ever been so like this?)
I tried to say something to this species with the clay faces. Suddendly they turned to me. And I heard thus nasty voice:
“You are the priest of the blue mushrooms.
You are the lord of lights,
You are the lord of sounds,
You are the lord of smells,
You are the liord of tasting,
You are the lord of inner perceptions,
Of any percepcions and feelings,
You are a human,
Every people is a lord of the blue mushrooms,
Go bach to the Earth and share this with the others!
NOW!!!” – yelled the triumviratus.
I was in the swimming pool again and a woman came to me. “Your tickets please...”
“Your tickets, sir, to go OUT!!!” – it was a nightmare, the women looked someway wierd, she was not really she was a “fake”.
“Go BACK!!!” – she screamed. “If you don’t have a ticket you got to go back!!!”. I thought the fake girl should kill me, and I fainted. (I was sleeping on the video tape but said nothing...)

The guy named Nibn sad that the surface of caps is blue if it has the materials which materials can transport us to the UNKNOWABLE.

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