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My name is Matt Mckay and i regularly do shroom' s on a regular basis.

My name is Matt Mckay and i regularly do shroom' s on a regular basis. They are a cool drug with the effects of thinking and hallucinations. Hard to get where i live, but they are worth the wait.It was May long weekend (victoria day weekend) me and my buddy decided to get some shrooms and head up to the cottage, we were sick of smoking blunts.So we picked 12 g's got 7 g's a weed it was going to be fun.My dealer said on the bag "have a nice trip" and don't worry you will get high. Saturday finally came around and i worked all day and ate nothing so the shrooms would affect me more as people say.We got up there around 6 at the cottage, ate nothing smoked some blunts drank some boo's and chilled out.My buddy was so anxious to munch, so we munched.They tasted like shit and not the most normal shroom I ever ate.Nothing was going on, we changed places, smoked some more blunts and walked around.Finally this is why im rating it a 5 and not a joking matter, we were all sitting there about 10 of us, suddenly i was talking to my buddy and he asked me what the fuck i was talking about, he was confused and mixed up. I started talking about bullshit, and talking to myself. I started to see these weird gas colors and peoples eye's were all crazy like they were shot in the eye ball and falling out of there head. Then i was feeling tired and dizzy so i lied down,then the fun began i apparently was like a big baby (i way 215lbs all muscle) im not small and apparently hard to carry..My mother was coming to the cottage area.
Oh oh i can't be in shit on 6 g's of shrooms.SO they said to me get the fuck up i wouldn't get up.The thoughts that were going through my mind was i was going to die,i was saying to my self i was ok with staying there and trippin.But i never said that out load i was still talking to myself and tripping out bad.Then finally they picked me up like I was a baby, but dead wait cause i was in no mental condition of sanity.Well they dragged me to the beach i was thinking i was still at the cottage and i opened my eye's and it was all black.I Lost my shoes and got dirt all over my shirt/My buddy was scared he was fuckin scared shitless.He said that my eye's were rolling in the back of my head and i was shewing on my shirt and spitting everywhere and mummbling im going to die. It was fucked up on the beach, i saw god ladies and gentlemen, he showed me the light and i saw him he had long hair and some ripped clothes. Everytime i opened eyes i saw different shit, at one point i saw all red like the predators vision on that movie with Arnold Swartznigger in it.Then i saw gas again with tracers.I thought i died and was at my party that i was having for graduating on the June 8th like i looked into the future.it wasn't pretty,people were saying shit like look at that fucking loser this party sucks and its shit cause there's not enough people.I told them all to fuck themselves and said to bring it.I was mouthing off to my good buddy's at the cottage i didn't realize it.Everyone checked my pulse every minute and checked my breathing and yelled at me.It was probably 4hrs then and i was still trippin i was lying there and i saw flowers and a field and the beach was all people with bats. It was fucked, and i was not fun.Finally i came out of it, and i apparently said i am alive.AS soon as i opened my eye's i said i need a drink and a joint.I smoked it and saw tracers for awhile then appoligized for my comments to anybody.I asked my buddy what i said as i was tripping all he understand was man that was some intense shit.

The moral of the story shrooms are a drug with different effects and scares the shit out of yourself and everyone there.

Thanks for listening to my story
keeping shrooming

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