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2nd Cottage Trip

It was the Friday of May long weekend, the day before my buddy's cottage trip on shrooms.

It was the Friday of May long weekend, the day before my buddy's cottage trip on shrooms. I got to my cottage early, so I decided to do some shrooms with my friend Lisa. They were really moldy, I just thought to myself; "this is gonna be a crazy trip". I only ate around 4 grams, about 45 minutes later I started to trip out. At first I was just talking and didn't know what hell I was saying. After a while I started to sweat and felt tired. I had a few E's for the weekend so when I started to sweat a lot more I forgot what I was on and thought I had taken the E's and they were bad, I thought I was gonna die for sure. I was really scared, I was afraid to try and go anywhere because if any of my friends parents saw me they probably would have taken me to the hospital for sure. I lied down at the beach because I thought I had to sleep. I kept using my jacket as a blanket and trying to sleep, then I would get up and take off my jacket because I was boiling and say to my friend; "what am I doing? Where am I?". All I could see was shadows trees EVERYWHERE and they were all different colors. After a while I said "Ihave to go to the washroom" and went to my cottage. When I got there luckily my dad was gone, I went inside and lied down. After a few minutes I remembered that I had to go to the bathroom. I got up and went to the bathroom, then I went back to bed. All of a sudden I heard my dad pull into the drivway in the car. I freaked because if he saw me he would see the size of my pupils (they were huge!). I got up and went out the door just as he was going inside, when I was at the end of the divway he said "hi to you too!", I just stopped and looked at him then ran down the road cause' I was so fucked. I went back to the beach and kept tripping out for a couple hours. After a while we decided to go to friends and sit in her room so nobody could see me. On the way we passed someone and they were like "Are you okay? You look like you're dying" and they later said that they could almost see the streamers coming off of me. We got to our friends place and I lied down for about 4 hours and didn't say a word cause' I was so fucked. Finally we went back out the beach and met some friends, my friend was still tripping out quite a bit. We hung around for a while then I went home. It was a really crazy trip.

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