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animal intrigue

Im not sure what to make of this strange behavior the animals around my cabin are portraying.

Im not sure what to make of this strange behavior the animals around my cabin are portraying.I was at my cabin several months ago on a bushpriest dose, an outrageous eleven grams of P.cubensis, the initial nausea was overwhelming me so i went for a walk down the scantily lit path toward an open field when in from the right came a strange bird, the trip was hitting the summit and i questioned anything i seen but this was a real animal, some sort of night bird, a cross between a whiskey jack and a falcon with a long tail, it circled several times making me do a terrified spiral dance, every few feet it would take a closer and closer swoop at me, once it actually made contact with me, its soft wing tip feathers brushed my shoulder and proceeded to scare the last bit of shit right out of me, petrified at this point i ran in a backward jog toward the cabin, and as i made my way back all reality burst its seams and i left the atmosphere in the 100 degree cabin for 8 hrs. the trip was excellent but the bird is baffling, it was intent on touching me, it was as though i glowed with a light so inviting that all of its instincts were dissarmed and it knew it was coming home forever. Another strange occurance happened on a similar dose, again at my cabin i sat outside right at dusk on a cold september evening, i was two hours into an ancient wizards dose sitting and looking down the breathing trail when a sudden movement caught my eye, it was a red squirrel, at least a pound and a half, it looked at me from about thirty yards away and i knew it was very real, it began to puff up its fur making a sound like a squeal and a purge, but very fast and fierce, it was at this point making me just slightly horrified, then it just tore towards me as fast as it possibly could, it was like time stood still for me but the squirrel was moving with great speed and just as it came within a few feet i jumped up and it cut left and scurried up an oak tree, stopping half way up and utterly suealing and spitting froth, it wanted me like it wanted no other before me, i grabbed a fire log and fired it right at him, sending him into a total tantrum, i then ran into the cabin and locked the door, the rest of the trip was great. Why the animals were so eager to come in contact with me is very odd and creepy, why are the beloved creatures that i feed all winter attacking me when i shroom? A good friend and i plan on doing some work with plants, sensors and a graph will monitor their reaction to me as i trip to the beyond, next will be a sober person in close proximity to me. I will get to the source of this strangeness very soon. later..

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