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I had to put this one up here.

I had to put this one up here. It's too incredible not to! so here is the story. Last summer (2000) me and my buddies did a lot of tripping. One of my buds was getting sheets of cid and mushroom season had just begun. Needless to say we tripped a LOT. Lets fast forward about 2 months. Me and a couple of friends (the ones i had been tripping with that season, and the guy with the cid) went to the fields. We picked a nice bag full of mushrooms and boiled them to make the tea. One of my friends ,big A, had a date to go to the movies. So me, big N, bigA, and the chicks went to the movies. ME and Big N had already drank the tea. Big N had 8 GLASSES!!! I had 4. I was trippin balls. Big N was mumbling and pointing. anyways so me BIG N, BIG A, and the chicks watched the movie then left. The chicks dropped us off at a friends house and left. Big A finally had some tea. We smoked some bud to bring our trip up and handed out the rest of the tea. |||1 hour after we arrived at the friends house||| Big N mumble " I think im goin crazy and walked home in the dark we laughed and kept wathcing the tv. |||2 HOURS LATER after we got to our friends house|||| Big A was peaking i was still trpping. we decied to walk home..its @ a mile. On the way i could tell something was bothering Big A. He kept on saying he was upset and tried to hold back tears and sobbs. I told him he was upset cause his mom was getting married. He nodded his head to agree. When we got to my house he layed down in my room.. I got a smoke and went to my den to sit down and watch Winamp Visualizations on my computer. I had headphones on so i didnt hear Big A go in my kitchen and get a steak Knife. He walked up behind me and stabbed e through my right lung almost going completely through my chest. I jumped up saw the knife yelled "what the fuck are u doing"
I grabbed his arm and pleaded with him to put it down. He was staring blankly at the wall behind me. HE scremed something, then jerked his arm away and swung at me again. The knife grazed my forehead. I though "oh shit he went crazy and ran to my moms room to use the phone. He came in told my mom he needed help sat on the floor and waited for the police. I asked what he was thinking---he said i was a bitch so i got uop and kicked his head through the wall. He sat up after a few minutes and stared at the floor. I was taken to the hospital doped up on morphine had a tube put in my lung and got out in 3 days. Big A never said why he did it or what he was thinking.

GLADlY, i admit i am still an avid shroomer. Big A has issues and is in counseling. Big N is getting ready for season to start on the gulf caost in texas, and i am too.

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