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MRCA Tyroler Gluckspilze
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Two weeks ago I came across a VERY large amount of psilocybin mushrooms.

Two weeks ago I came across a VERY large amount of
psilocybin mushrooms. As I have always been very
much into mushrooms, and had such a large amount, I
thought i would try something new. I ate somewhere
around 14 grams (a full 1/2 ounce) For the intial stages
of the trip, it was very similar to any other (I usually only
wat about 4 grams). Within an hour though, everything
was really kicking in. I was in my room - all of a sudden
my bookshelf began to twist and distort. Time slowed
down. The fan on my ceiling began moving in slow
motion. Suddenly my ceiling began to come down at
me as if it would crush me. This is where my trip went
bad. As the ceiling lowered, I was sure that I would be
killed. I tried to stay calm, but it was impossible with the
state I was in. I closed my eyes as the ceiling was
about to crush me and felt something undescribable. It
was as if my body was suddenly transported through
space. When I opened my eyes, it appeared that I was
in another world. But everytime I would blink, the world
would turn into a new one. I was sure that I had died. I
began to panic, wondering what exactly was going on.
As I layed on the ground, screaming, figures began to
come out of the wall saying "we are here to take you to
him" they repeated this over and over, chant-like. I tried
screaming but nothing came out. I tried moving, but
couldnt lift my body. They moved closer to me...
closer..closer...As they reached me they stopped. They
began to talk to eachother in a foreign language. One
crawled on top of me and melted into me. The beings
chanted that they were "now a part of me." They all
absorbed themselves through my skin. The rooom
melted into black and I lay there in fear. Images of
death flashed before my eyes for what seemed like an
eternity. Eventually, I came back. My trip lasted approx. 5
1/2 hours. Not as long as I had expected seeing as
how much I ate - not to mention how long it seemed
like at the time...This was without a doubt the most
horrifying experience in my life - but still, it was
incredible. I am not at all sorry that i ate as much as I
did. It was one of the most interesting experiences in
my life.

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