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First Trip, spur of moment and alone

I dont know why but i decided to pick my shrooms last night and ate them.

I dont know why but i decided to pick my shrooms last night and ate them. I was not expecting much as my first go at growing only yeiled 6 smallish shrooms. i ate 6 koh samui strain p. cubensis. the biggest was maybe the size of my pinky..i couldnt imagine the whole lot weighed more than 10g wet..really not much so i wasnt expecting any effects.

After talking to my friend on the phone and eating the shrooms at the same time i decided to go get some dvds. in the store is when i started to get a little light headed. Once i got back home and started watching a dvd i noticed i felt stoned like on weed so i rang my friend and told her that i am at least stoned not anticipating any more..well about another 15 mins on things started to get a little "weird" so i thought id put some music on and put milkdrop on..this little plugin for winamp turned out to be the most awesome thing of the night. The colors became so much brighter than they normally are and i spent a great deal of my trip watching it.

anyway as i was still coming up and i got a phone call from my friend interupting my trance it was time to do somethin different so i grabbed my bball and head outside. on the way out i decide i actually want to goto the park near me instead of the bball court and on the way i was always wondering why i brought my bball. I was a little nervous about other people and almost turned around to go back home about 10 meters from my house..luckily for me i just kept goin knowin i was just being stupid...over the road there is a park and a golf course...absolutly stunning when trippin..the trees looked like they had people in them but it was very subtle. they looked as if the were stretching and doing acrobatics or something. then the trees all turned white. and the tree i was sitting on had lots of broken branches and stuff which made it look like a little bit of a bone graveyard, this didnt scare me. After sitting there for about maybe 10 minutes i looked back and saw the road and people walking by. i was in a place were i tripped but that place was completly normal. this kinda grounded me a little and the stuff in the park slowly started to go back to normal. im sure if i continued i could of easily got it to go back but i felt id seen what there was to see there so i left to go back home.

i put on another dvd which was robots. i felt that my mood drastically changed with the mood of the movie, i started not liking parts where something bad was happening so i would skip..i skipped backwards and forwards throughout the movie. I dont think movies are for me when tripping.

I had some confusion of senses, which i remembered was one of the states, i kept tasting things, i knew my senses were being crossed but couldnt decide which sense i was actually tasting, i think it may have been things i saw.

once i had peaked it was a lot of confusion. i actually wrote down in my log that i was confused about being confused. i found it was a constant up down battle of emotions. id spend 10 mins in complete extacy then the next just telling myself its all good. My best friends turned out to be milkdrop and my brand new towel, both made me very happy. i really wanted to share with my friend what i was experiencing but in the end every phone call she just ended up annoying me and putting me in a downer.

towards the end of my trip is when i felt i was being taught by the shrooms about what i need to do in life..share and spend time with other people. i felt this was the peak because of the profoundness of it but i think this is when i was coming down..i was also amazed at how quickly and suddenly the trip just stopped. one minute im tripping the next completly sobre with a little headache.

i know ive left some things out but its getting a little long..i understand how hard it is to write a trip report now..so many things happen, i could spend all day talking about my experience.. on the whole a wonderful experience and i think i managed to get just the right level for my current state of mind..was only a level 2 but was quite intense. i would like my second to be a little more visual and a little less philosophical for me. ill take a slightly higher dose next time and DEFINANTLY share the experience with another (i mean tripping as well) . its very important i think

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