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wanted to die

i took too many shrooms tonight in my college dormatory.

i took too many shrooms tonight in my college dormatory. I went crazy. It was not cool. Every fucking negative feeling i had went through my brain. i couldnt see reality, everything was violently moving, i stared at my watch and this was just an hour through my trip. I tried to do everything to make the trip stop, bang my head on the wall, try to drink till i passed out, forced myself to through up. i wanted to kill myself. time lasted an eternity. I heard whispering in my head and nothing made it go away. Everything in my fucking room grew bigger than me. When i couldnt take that anymore i went for a walk. I walk and saw streetlights changing colors, when i saw peopel they were screaming at me. when i realized that i was walking i couldnt remember for how long i was walking or how to get home. How do you find your way home when you look around and everything is distorted dimented and fucking not there. I hated it. i am here at this site seeing how many other people have bad trips. MY AVICE considering that i have the worst hangover right now, DO NOT TAKE TOO HIGH OF A QUANTITY OF SHROOMS IT WILL SCARE THE SHIT OUT OF YOU AND FUCK YOU UP. Its not cool, reality leaves and you get fucking scared. and dont try to have a level 5 expierience i garentee you will regret it. If you ever are present when someone has a bad trip, do as they say, if they want you to leave, leave, if they want you to stay, make sure they chill out and relax, play their favorite music, keep their mind off the shrooms. If they want you to talk to them, talk about something that is fucked up, not shroom related, try and keep their mind in reality, and try to entertain them enough to pass 2 fucking hours of the worst time in their life.

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