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Creeping Death/lamp

Oh boy.

Oh boy...Where to begin...

I got these mushrooms from a guy I know who lives in the woods. I exhanged them for some food (which he needed) and a ride into town. Looking back, it wasn't a fair trade, but he seemed eager to get to town for some reason.

I don't know the exact dose that I took, I remember that it was about a handfull, i.e. the whole bag. (the homeless guy didn't give any details about propper dosage.) I was listening to some music, and I began to feel some "effects"
of the shrooms. The floors of my house are all plywood, and they quickly turned into a wooden lake in which I wandered around in for quite some time. Then I decided I'd watch a movie. The only think what seemed interesting at the time that I could find was "The Evil Dead, Part 1." Let me tell you what a mistake that was... (Needless to say, I passed up on "The Wizard of Oz" because it sounded gay at the time.) The movie was cool at first, but after a while the dark room I was sitting in and the movie set started to become one and the same, and I tried to get up to turn on the lights, but movement had become difficult by this time.

As screams from the TV set jammed their way into my brain, and the oceans of blue and black patterns mixed with red (blood) flowed all over the walls, I was able to role off of the couch and ooze across the the floor towards the light switch. After an eternity, and a horrifying encounter with something that I now believe was probably my cat, I managed to reach the light switch, and flood the room with light.

This wasn't nearly as helpfull as I hoped it would be, because with the light came Shadows everywhere. I turned off the TV (thank God) and wandered around until I saw the shadow of my desk lamp. It had become seperated from the actaul lamp it's self, and was bending and weaving and LAUGHING at me. (There is a similar sceen in the movie, I believe that is where this came from) I closed my eyes to get rid of it but that made things worst. I then turned around and headed for the stairs that lead out of the basement, and that's where I encounted my Metallica/Creeping Death poster. It has a huge scull on it, which pulsed with 3D-ness that I can not describe, and green was coming out of it's eyes. I don't know how long I stood there and looked at it, but it had to be like an hour. Then it started making noises that sounded a little too much like the lamp so I escaped up spiral staircase (which is strange because I don't have a spiral staircase) to the strange and wonderfull world of "upstairs."

It was daytime Upstairs. The walls where made of white glass, and the pulsed in and out, making the house 3 feet wide one moment, and miles wide another. Behind me, a black fog seemed to be oozing out of the basement door, acompanied by noises I can't recall. I closed the door, and vowed never to go down there again. (mostly because of the lamp) Nothing was reconinzable in my house at this point. I think I was peaking, but I have no idea what time it was, the clocks where unreadable, and my watch displayed meaningless symbols on it's display, so I took it off. I tried to eat, but was scared to try to make anything. Opening the refridgerator took a lot of courage, and I found some juice in there that tasted like nothing I've ever had before. the bottle twisted and squirmed in my hand, and for a brief instant, I was sure that my fingers had melted and become part of the plastic, and I was a little hesistant about trying it at first.

Looking in mirrors was not a good idea, I did it once, and
never did it again. I somehow wandered outside, and into the woods. I wandered the woods for the rest of the trip, and ended up at a pond. There were dead faces at the bottom of the pond, and their lips were moving. All the trees everywhere looked like mushrooms, and the pine trees had long twisted green tails coming off the tops into the sky.

Then things got bad. I was shaking and trembling all over, and everything took on a reddish color, and I became convinced the the woods where full of demons. My body felt like it was on fire, and I started to run. Night was coming, and things where getting darker. I could hear the demons screaming at me from behind the trees. That was the last thing I remember. I woke up in the dark, and I had a splitting headache. I had a very large lump on my head, and it was bleeding, I believe now that I ran into a tree hard enough to knock me out. I was very confused and scared, and it took me a long time to get home. I experianced a detachment from reality for the next few hours, and wasn't quite the same until a couple days later. I don't think I would ever want to trip that hard again.

And please, for your own good, don't watch "The Evil Dead" while tripping, no matter how good an idea it may seem at the time.


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