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Bond; James Bond

This takes place at my friend Eric's house.

This takes place at my friend Eric's house. It was me(David), Eric, and Mike. Eric has done every drug he could get his hands on, while Mike and I have smoke weed and rolled a few times. Anyways, Eric says he can get some shrooms for Saturday night as long as we put in too. I don't know how much it was, but we sprinkled a lot on a pizza, and still had some left over. The ones we had left over, Eric said we should mix into some orange juice and put in the blender. The pizza tasted like regular mushroom pizza, but the juice was nasty. It was bitter and lumpy, but we all managed to down it. After we dose, we all go outside to smoke a cigarette. We're all chilling and talking. After about 15 minutes, my arm felt kind of heavy. I asked Eric if that's normal, and he said that your body will feel wierd in different ways, so yes, it's normal. Good. I try smoking more, but it's slowly getting harder to, so I just hold onto my cigarette and let it burn. After about 5 minutes, I start to feel some warmth by my fingers. I look down to notice that my smoke has burned down to the filter. I try to flick it away, but I can't; my arm is still too heavy. I ask someone to get it for me. Mike starts giggling and says "did you forget how to work a cigarette?"
"No, I can't really move my arm" I said
So Eric plucks it from my hand and says "I'll help you this time, but next time wipe your own ass!" and starts laughing histerically. He throws it into the yard. As it sails through the air, it leaves a lit trail in the sky. It looks like one of those neon lights, but then it starts melting onto the ground.

I was so amazed by this that I had to go touch it. I stood up (to my surprise) and walked over to it. The closer I got , the more it dimmed down until finally it had disappeared. I looked back to the deck where we had been sitting, only to see what looked like an old church, like a cathedral. Gee, I wonder if I'm tripping yet? So I walk back to tell Eric and Mike about the light.

Now, you know how a lot of old people have those stupid ducks that they dress up out on their front porch? Well, there just so happens to be one of those at the back door. Earlier that week, Eric's mom had dressed it up in the yellow raincoat outfi. When I walk to the door, the duck looks at me and says in a manly voice "storms coming in! Better come inside where it's safe!"
So I yell at the duck "it's not raining yet because you can't talk!You're a duck!" Then I point to the sky and look up to see the stars which now resemble raindrops. I look back at the duck "Sorry man; guess you were right. I'll go in now. What's your name by the way?" So he says "I'm a duck; I don't have a name."

I walk inside talking to myself trying to figure out why I'm talking to a duck. I look back just in time to see him fly off the porch into lightning. Confused by what all just happened I call out to Eric for guidance. Surprisingly, he's standing there in the now lit up room(He had just turned on the lights, hence the lightning). He says that him and Mike were looking for me so we could all play Goldeneye. I ask him if he's tripping and he says "dude, there's two of you and you're both different colors. Am I fucked up:yes. Are the four of us gonna play or not? Yes, now let's go" and then he starts laughing at himself. After what seems like half an hour, we get Goldeneye set up.

Eventually, I get really into it. So much so that I feel like I'm actaully in the game. When I look around, I see the game world. I get kind of nervous, because if I'm in the game, then Mike and Eric are gonna shoot me. This thought freeks me out, so I start running everywhere in the game, trying to avoid them.I hide in this room for a second. Then i close my eyes, breath in deep and see a visual. It's the neon cigarette light shaped into an arrow. I open my eyes and go the direction it's pointing, realizing it's a sign. I go through a door in time to see Oddjob and some army guy slapping eachother. I realize that Mike and Eric are having a slap match and laughing their asses off. I run away hoping they didn't notice me. I look behind me and now I'm back in the house. I look at Mike and Eric. By now I'm at full trip, so when I look at Mike and Eric, the glare from the TV shines on their faces and starts swirling into weird patterns. I'm really nervous now, so I run to a bedroom, lock the door and hide under the blanket in bed. The blanket slowly turns into a cave. Plus I see visuals. I start calming down now, enough to try to sleep. I go to sleep, but keep hearing music. The music makes pictures in my head. So much so that I can't sleep anymore because I'm distracted. So I get up and notice something on the floor. I pick it up and look into it. I didn't realize that it was a kalideascope. When I looked into it I saw history. Actually I didn't see anything but colors and designs, but I thought that those patterns represented the Earth's history. Finally I started dozing off.

When I woke up the next morning, I saw that the duck was out on the back lawn. I picked it up and couldn't help but laugh. When I got back inside, I saw Mike sitting in a rcliner. He had marker all over his face. I asked him what happened and he said "I don't know. Last night Eric said something about that a painter named potato who drew funny paintings, but he doesn't do it right, so Eric had to fix it. I think he was talking about Picasso. He wanted to paint me and I just didn't feel like putting up a fight, plus the markers kind of tickled, so I let him."

Those guys were fucked up.
I found Eric sleeping in the tub with only his boxers a cowboy hat and a sock on him. And for some reason he was holding a carrot. To this day we haven't figured out the carrot aspect.

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