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Juxtaposed Forever !

I began my night with a few friends of mine, smoking bowls and talking about school.

I began my night with a few friends of mine, smoking bowls and talking about school. My one friend showed up with a few hits of acid. I took 3 and everyone else took the same. I was starting to feel the effects when another friend came and offered us all some xtc. Stupidly, I took 2 pills and waited for the effects. We had planned ealier to trip on nutmeg, so we procedded with our original plans. I drank 6 whole nugs, grinded up in water.

As the night progressed we meet up with my old ex girlfriend as she bragged about her fresh shroomies she had just picked with her mom. I was already tripping and rolling, but she had just made some fresh shroomy tea. I drank three huge glasses of it, it actually did not taste too bad.

I started seeing strong visuals of old friends, my parents, and my old dog. everything and everyone talked to me. At one point i was dancing around on a stage in front of thousands of people. I could see the washington monument in the background? People were shouting, telling me to take off my clothes. My trip got really interesting as I ripped my clothing off. Usually when i am tripping I am not really doing anything, just sitting there. I figured i was just hallucinating all of this, but I REALLY was taking my clothes off.

Everything is hard to remember after that point, but
the last thing I remember was giving some girl a hug and telling her she looked really nice. I remember her saying something about my shoes and how i should put some boxers on?? I passed out for the rest of the night, or so i think, waking up the next morning laying next to the girl. Fortunetly, she wasn't that bad looking.

I will never again do so many drugs at one time. :p

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