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Temporary Insanity

It happened on a cold friday when my parents were out of town.

It happened on a cold friday when my parents were out of town. I'm no stranger to shrooms or any other drug, but the most I'd ever taken before was 4 grams, and that was like 6 months earlier. My friend AshMan and I decided we were sick of marijauna, and the elusive shrooms (in a cold toronto winter) were finally available for purchase. We decided to go overboard. 10 1/2 grams total, i took 6 1/2 he took 4.
They tasted like ass, it took us 30 minutes to chew eat them. My friend and I are both rock music fans, and within the hour we were having a heated debate about the artistic integrity of Method Man and Red Man in "How High." (During this conflict a 2L bottle of diet pc cola was a fixture and as often used as a weapon and later treated as a human being) While watching the final episode of Star Trek deep space nine, we both agreed that things were taking a strange turn as the light level of the room seemed to throb in my mind. Everything felt like a movie, like one of those scenes in a Stanley Kubrick film where every detail looks attended to and previously thought out. We were both tripping fairly large. We decide to call up some friends and within a half an hour George and his girlfriend come for a visit. They would fight, we knew it, thats why we invited them. They fought, greek words flew back and forth and it seemed as though I were a part of some crazy dream that Hitler had. After the walls started churning, they stopped fighting and we hotboxed George's car in a church parking lot. It blew my mind... i stopped being human
I saw myself and everyone else as a wave
existance became something completely different
people were not people, people became throbbing strings, sort of like the cheese in a pizza hut commercial as it's being torn out from the pie.
i felt like a human organ, like a heart or liver, completely ignorant of the fact that it is an essential part of the human body, justifying its existence with vanity instead of its true purpose (which it does not know).
I became aware of my field of vision and thought anything outside of it was the answer to all my problems. I became paranoid.
my memory of this part isnt very great, but i had convinced myself that there was no way out of this
i started to gag on nothing
i felt like i had puked my guts out onto the church pavement, my friends thought it was just coughing...
i started to recover, but every time i closed my eyes i got this image of bright pizza hut cheese waves accompanied by a deep humming sound. I got home, my friends left, and i got into my room and lay down on the floor amidst a pile of papers i had used for an assignment i completed the night before. My room felt dirty and strange and distant. It was like being in a stranger's messy house and sleeping in a bed with crumbs in it. i finally got into bed (at 830pm) and people were calling me and ringing my doorbell. I went into a strange trance that wasnt quite sleep, the phone rang over 20 times, i answered it twice, both times it was my parents, they had called twice that evening... Finally i woke up and remembered a dream i had that my good friend whom i work with got a small raise. I asked him and he asked me how i knew?
i told him i dreamed it and hes like wow, thats weird yeah i got a 15 cent raise yesterday
ohhhh trippy
i had the worst hallucinagenic pasties the next day... ech

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