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First Trip Kicks Ass

Myself and a friend of mine had planned to take a trip out to his grandmas for a friday night after work.

Myself and a friend of mine had planned to take a trip out to his grandmas for a friday night after work. We had bought an 1/8 of weed for the occasion and had been looking forward to a night of watching T.V. About 20 minutes before we got off work he came running out of the back of the store to where I was standing (we work at the same place) and informed me that 3 of our other friends and fellow employees had managed to score 7 grams of shrooms. We headed out to his grandmas around 10:00 PM and had eaten them by 10:45 PM. About 30 minutes later we were all smiling uncontrollably and laughing about dogs with flat snouts. Off to our right was a fireplace with a picture of 4 wolves hanging above it. We stared at it for about 4 minutes and it started to ripple like a flag in the wind. We went outside to smoke a joint and I began to have trouble keeping my balance and my vision began to distort. We went inside and sat around in a utility room while one friend began to have difficulty forming full sentences. I have very poor eye sight and wear strong glasses which I gave to a friend to wear. We wandered upstairs, both very blind, I took my glasses back when we got upstairs and hung my head over the back of the couch when the stucco began to ripple and move. It develped a red and green overlay in which I saw many faces including that of Darth Vader. We got up and once again went outside for a session. I couldn't get my shoes on so I went without. I saw a very friendly dragon smile at me in the snow. I went back in and sat in a chair and started to peak. His grandmas dog crawled into my lap and her face kept distorting. I didn't talk for about 20 minutes and then all I could talk about was what a happy place the world would be if everybody was like this all the time. After seeing evrything ripple, move, and make faces at me I began to come down. I got hungry and ate a few feet of garlic bread which I could not taste. We all went outside to talk about our experiences and out of the blue a freind fainted and smacked his head on a cane. this put a bit of a damper on the evening but all and all it was the most fun i have ever had.

Can't wait till next time
Son Of Sam

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