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Trip Of A Life Time

It started out my friend and I heard about some shrooms from my friends cousin.

It started out my friend and I heard about some shrooms from my friends cousin. So being the guys we are had to go buy them. We each got about 5 or six grams of the best looking mushrooms i have ever seen. The only mistake we made that night was to eat them before we got home. Its about a hour drive on a major highway.
I ate mine plain cause i like the taste but my friend had to get some fruit rool-ups to put them in. After he had gotten what he wanted we where on are way about five minutes into the drive i was already starting to feel the effects. My friend was to cause for some reason he decided to take off his shoes. While he was driving and some how his coca-cola can flipped into his shoe spilling all over. When he showed me what happend we had to stop cause the laughfter was impossible to control. We parked in this place i have no idea where it is and for some reason got out of the truck to laugh at his shoe. And to take a piss to. after about 10 minutes of absolute hilarity we where on are way again. I dont remember much of the journey back to town but when we got there we stopped at a freinds house to chill a match a bowl or two. But for some reason even though they are my really good friends they didnt seem to happy we where there so we headed out to another friends house.
B this time we where both full blown tripping just gone. I felt like i was about one foot high and walking at a tilted angle and i just happend to be driving my friends blazer dont ask me how i drove it cause i was paying no attention to the road at all none i dont know how i drove it doesnt make any sense to me at all. We finally reached the friends house and chilled there for alittle while. And the thing that set this off from any trip i have ever had and i have tripped a lot on shrooms and acid is coming. But we got there and i for some reason was in the giving mood and gave him my bag off weed we smoked alittle but it tasted to weird and i couldnt do it. Menawhile my friend that was tripping with me was in the bathroom having a jolly old time he was in there pretty much the whole time we where there. Meanwhile i was out watching my sober friend play video games and he put in WOOKIE FOOT'S new CD. That song #12 is what set apart this trip from any thing ever. soon my tripping buddy comes out wanting to go so we take of to his house. (This is all happing from it started at 11:00 p.m. and it ended 7:00 a.m. abouts.) when i got out of the vehicle he drove this time that song from wookie foot number 12 started to play the beat just kept on going and there was nothing else just that beat no noise if my friend was talking to me i didnt here him i was off in this parallel univerise with this song continousliy going. When we got inside his house i dont remember anything but my friend told me i was running up and down his hallways.
and then the lights where out and i was laying on his bathroom floor stuck no way to get out. Its when it got scary. Bright light and a angel coming down from the sky saying your time is now. And i remember saying no it isnt no it isnt and thats when my friend turned on the light and i was free i ran into his bedroom and got tangled in the web of blankets. And i started to think about what just happend to me and realized it was all a puzzle i had and that the only way for me to truly be free was to stay away from darkness. I dont recall very cleary when he came and turned the light on because the song was there and nothing else. But he later told me i was stuck in there for probably about a hour. And an other thing i kinda remember is that when we where outside there was no light or dark it was just color to hard to describe. But i laid tangled in his covers for a couple of hours and started to come down and he came in and gave me a ride home. And as i layed in my bed i realized that i dont think i could ever trip like that again i believe it was a once and a life time thing. But it was the best Damn trip i have ever experienced and my friend will say the same garunteed. My friend and I believe that those mushrooms where Psilocybe azurescens.

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