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Cake God

I'll skip all the pre-shroom crap and get right to the trip.

I'll skip all the pre-shroom crap and get right to the trip. Me and my friend each took 6 grams of some weird shroom I had never heard of, but I trusted him and we downed them quickly. We wanted to stay outside on our trip, so we went to a field behind a car lot. There were several trees around, so we laid down underneath some and waited. About 30 minutes passed, and I wasn't feeling anything. About 15 minutes later it hit me; and boy did it ever.
The sky to me turned pink, and I saw chess pieces; huge, giant chess pieces. I only saw the king and the queen, but they were conversing to eachother, and for some reason the queen dissapeared and the king morphed into this funky gigantic figure. A giant... cake figure. Her head was a slice of cake, then a long black skinny neck, then a cake for her body, nd two legs coming out. And for some reason she had the name Angus Ronglefoot. Angus Ronglefoot climbed over massive buildings; this was one tall cake person. She wore glasses, too. Angus told me that she was the true god, and that if I followed her, she would grant me wisdom and gifts that were unheard of. I agreed, and she gave me 3 items. First, she gave me the three fingered pocket, which makes a weird sound when you stick three fingers in it. Next she gave me the Brown-necked giraffe. And lastly she gave me a mammoth. The giraffe was fun because to play with it you had to pretend to dribble a basketball. The mammoth did jack, but was still magical. My friend and I walked through the neighborhood for 3 hours, while I constantly was just sticking my hands in my pockets making noises. That's pretty much it. I friggen get wasted when I shroom. I bet you can tell.

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