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Me On Shrooms!

One week-end last summer, I went to Ottawa to visit a friend, Nick and he was going to take me to a "Big Party".

One week-end last summer, I went to Ottawa to visit a friend, Nick and he was going to take me to a "Big Party".The night before I was at my boyfriends and before I left for the city we smoked about 3gs of weed.
I got to Nick's place at about 8:30 at night, I was still really stoned.
He then told me that he had shrooms and wanted to know if I wanted to do some with him. I had never tried shrooms and really wanted to soo we did 3gs between the 2 of us, 15 mins later I started to feel it.
To get to the party we only had to walk a few blocks, soo we headed there at about 9:15. As we were walking down the street I could only see stairs in front of me and I started to walk up them, Nick was walking behind me and kept asking me what the fuck I was doing cuz he couldn't see any stairs.
Finally when we got to the party, there was about 40 ppl there and evryone was drunk or stoned. As I walk through the door all I could see were mice running across the floor ( I hate mice). Everytime I saw one I would jump onto someone!! As the night went on more and more ppl started to come. All I could remember is that I was soo hot I started to take off my clothes, and there was this guy who i didn't know who was following me picking up my stuff as I left them around the house. Around 12:00, Nick found me passed out in one of the bedroom, with the guy following me around, he thought something was going between him amd I so, he punched the guy in the stomach. The guy woke up and they started fighting.
The next thing I remember, I was sleeping in Nick's parents car.

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