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Lost in my own house

This would be the most intense trip in my life.

This would be the most intense trip in my life....to date. I have dosed on LSD well over 50 times, and mushrooms probably around 20. So I'm not new to the experience.
OK. Here goes..............
Wednesday afternoon at work: One of the guys I work with mentions he has some very potent shrooms for sale. I tell him I'm highly interested.....it's been a while since I tripped and the thought made me droool. Mmmmmmm.......shroooomzzzz. :) He GIVES me a quarter and tells me to have a good time, warning me that I shouldn't eat these 'till my weekend. Do I ever listen?? Of course not!!
9:00PM - My boyfriend leaves for work, and me feeling mischeiveious, decide to eat half of them....you know....just to see if they work. 10 minutes later I figure screw it, I might as well eat the rest, what the hell?? Have some fun!
9:30PM - I'm laying on my bed, staring at the ceiling, listening to Chemical Bro's, and I start to feel a bit loopy. The urge to do laundry comes over me for some reason, it just seems like it would be fun.
9:40PM - I get my clothes together and wander down to the basement. This is when I lose it. I have a big scary house, built in 1870, the basement is huge and the washer and dryer are in the far end from the stairs. The basement is singing to me, this is the first time I've had such intense auditory disturbances. Everything was vibrating and singing this odd song thatI was LOVING. I make my way to the laumdry area, only one lightbulb was functioning so I had to make my way thru the dark. It was scary and fun. I get my stuff into the washer and start it. The noise was wierd, the washing machine seemed like it was alive, so I decided to let it work by itself and made my way out of the basement.
9:55PM - I'm standing in my fromt yard watching the tree in my front yard slither it's branches towards me, giggling at the sight......I'm having so much fun tripping alone....it's been to long I'm thinking to myself. :) Anyway, my landlord lives next-door and he notices me standing in the yard laughing at my tree so he comes over to see whats up. "What are you on??" he asks with a smile
I burst into laughter and tell him I'm shrooming harder than I have in a long time. He asks me if I'l be ok by myself and sez if I need company to come over and he'll stay up with me. I tell him I'll be fine and resume watching the plants in my yard.
10:15 - Last time I can make out the time on the clock. I'm smoking on my front porch looking at the sky, and watching the clouds move by in the night sky. WOW. I walk back in and this is when I lose all control of cognitive function and organized thought. Holy shit. I go to the fridge and grab some orange juice, chug it from the carton and pop in some music. I sat on my couch and watched my area rug for a while, very entertaining. The next thing I know I'm crawling around on my floor growling and jabbering at the ceiling. It was fun so I just let myself do it, I'd have a good laugh tomorrow. I tried to look at the clock, but the time was moving back and forth too fast. Next thing I know I'm laying on my back with my my legs propped against the wall talking some language I've never heard, going on and on for what seemed like hours when all of a sudden I was looking down at myself, it was odd. I was looking down at my body and we were conversing. I told myself I should get another drink because my throat was getting dry. This was getting too wierd, so I got up and had some more juice. The fridge scared me so I went to my room and layed on my bed again.
My boyfriend calls me and is particularly chatty for some reason. He tells me I sound funny and I tell him I've been drinking. (He doens't really like it when I get so high) We talk for a few minutes and I try to focus but the room is flying past me at post-warp speed now and it's hard to form speech. FINALLY we hang up and I pop in another CD, and I freak out completely. I lose all sense of who and where I am. All I remember about the next while is intense hallucinations, sounds, lights flying around me and consuming me. I think I'm never going to be normal again and then the CD is over. I peak out from under the pillow that had somehow been shoved over my head and the room is moving and pulsing. I figure I should prolly smoke and spend the next 20 minutes or so trying to remember how to light my cigarette. I'm standing in my back yard now and the grass is buzzing and growing and I start to feel all light and fluffy again. I don't remeber smoking my cigarette, but I do recall laying in the grass and rolling around giggling like an idiot.
Finally after an eternity of staring at the sky I decide to take a shower, the best I can tell it's 5AM (The clock is still dancing around on me), I've lost a few hours, don't know what happened to them......I still think they just ran away on me. I spend a long time just trying to figure out how to get my clothes off, I'm getting frustrated now because even simple tasks are becoming very difficult and I'm feeling very exhuasted.....but I'm STILL tripping too hard to crash. So I get in the shower and enter total bliss..........I can feel something physically at last! I let the water run 'till it's cold and decide to pop in one last mellow CD and try to sleep, the room danced and swayed around me before finally tapering off into a pleasant green glow and I passed out with a big smile on my face.
I have never lost complete control of myself before, and I can't fully describe it in words, but I'm sure other trippers will understand at least where I'm coming from. I'm currently looking to out-do this experience and take myself even higher. I have a thing for going all-out with anything I do. :) Cheers and happy shrooming to everyone!!!!!! Portland OR rocks!

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