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Bad Trippin

Okay heres how my story starts off.

Okay heres how my story starts off.It was my frist time every using shroomes.One of my friends had some so we both ate about 4.5 grams.So we sat there for a bit and we started feelin somthing so we quickly threw on Alice in Wonderland becuase we heard that when your trippin on shrromes to watch that.Well it was fun with the feeling we had.Then I was overwhelmed by another feeling.That bitch ALice was freaking me out.I didn't like her.I told my friend but he just looked at my face and was like "Cool man.How are you doing that?"It was his first time too.He said my face was melting and my eyse were falling out of my head and flying into my ears.But anyways I just laughed and I suggested we played pool.My friend still fansinated with my face agreed.So we walk to his pool table but on the way there somthing hit me an dhit me hard.I looked arund and the walls were singing to me.I can't rememeber what but the pool room was Dancing and singing.Then I looked at the pool table and it turned into a mouth.I got freaked and ran to the bathroom.I remeber feeling safe in the bathroom.The bathroom was my bodyguard.My friend came in but i didn't like him in there with me.I jumped up off the floor and Growled at him.He just luaghed and ran away somewhere else.I sat back down and smiled.I looked at the toilet and it smiled at me.It was peaceful.But soon after its smile turned into an evil galre.And soon after that into what looked like the devil.I remeber looking at the ceiling and was mad.My peaceful bathroom was being torn apart by the devil.I ran out of the bath room and jumped onto the couch.My friend was in the kitch plyng with a fork and a cup.I looked at him and said "I am fucked up"
get me out of this.Then he droped the spoon and started talkting to me but was talking into the cup.He said go have a shower.It will snap me out of it.So me being the dumb ass i was i did.My bathroom was back to normal again but the toilet was still giving me an evil look.But I ignored it.So I got in the shower fully dressed trying to remeber how work it.Finally i did.But I couldn't feel the water.So just acted normal and was wondering why I wasn't gong back to normal.My friend lied to me!That bitch!So i went to turn off the faucet but it flew away and attached its self to the ceiling.Once it attached to it a million colors and shapes atrted flowing from it and onto the walls.Soon the room was flooded with this weird colors.So I sat down and was amazed by it.But then out of now where it were as if they shattered and diapeared.I looked back over and faucet was back so I turned it off.But the walls were breathing and I didn't like that.They weren't just breathing but stealing my air.I suddenly couldn't breath.
The walls were stealing my Breth!MY breath!But soon ebough they lent me some and I caught my breath again.The walls slowed their breathing but it seemed as if the halusinations got worse at this point.The toilet was spitting fire for the bowl.The room was catching on fire.But the fire did not scare me.It made cool patterns and somewhat talked to me.I lost interest soon enough and though i should check on my friend.I came out and he was currled up in a little ball in the corrnor.I threw a rewmote at him and he looked at me and said "Leave me alone.The Spacemen are coming to take me away"And he currled back up and wne to sleep.I was freaked out becuase suddenly I felt all alone.The house started to to luagh and then the house came next.At this point things got really intense.I can't remeber much but ill never do it again.Or at least not that much.

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