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Groovy First Time


Hello.Well me and two other friends were bored one night so we decided to go buy some weed.We called up a dealer we knew and asked for an ounce of weed.He was fresh out tho but he said he had some shroomes.We all neither have had shroomes so we knew absolutley dick all about them.Anyways we bought about 5 grams each.We head on back to J's place and we put on a movie and we talk about what we want to do tonight.At about 11:00 pm we ate all of our shroomes at once.My J right away nearly vomited from the taste of them but managed to pull it all together and we all sat back and relaxed.Now we are all used to the effect of weed and it kicking in in about like 12-15 mins but the shroomes were taking longer.But we just laid back and we channel surffed a bit.Well anyways I put down the remote and becuase my stomach started to twitch a little bit.I put my hand on my stomach to ease it a bit but it didn't really help.I looked over at J and He was twtiching a bit.The walls started to breath.I read about this that when this happens you are tripping on shroomes and well its only the beginning.Well me being the dum ass I was went and looked at the walls and just started at the.They almost sang to me.But what ever was happening the walls were braething nad i was standing there gawking at them.I remeber either J or T said somthing but their words raced past me like a ray of light.I couldn't understand what he was saying but i could see what he was saying.But anyways the walls were breathing but seemed more so now.And it felt like they were dragging me in closer towards them.I couldn't feel the ground beneath my feet too well and it felt like the walls were sucking me into them.And then i did the one thing you should never do.I panicked and told myself i don't wanna be hear.I want to not be stoned.And after i said that everything went down hill.I looked at J who had amused himself with somthin.I can't rember what it was but was somthing stupid.But anyways He looked at me and his eyes atrted to grow out of his head.They started moving towards me and I freaked out.I tried to run away but i couldn't function myy right leg to run after the left one so one leg was running the other seemed to off in its own little world.I hobbled over to the couch and sat down.I Looked at my legs and out of knee cap on both legs another leg was growing out of it.It felt cool and scary all at the same time.My new pair of legs didn't listen to me tho and that didn't make me happy.They kicked about and bent in ackward positions that made me cringe.So i decided to look at somthing else hoping time might pass faster and my legs would be gone.I looked back over at J and he was almost petting the air in front of him.I didn't even want to know what the hell he was doing so i looked at T.He was just laying on the ground.Now i suddenly felt realaxed.I looked up and on the ceiling there was colors pouring from the smoke detector and leaking all over the wallas,ceiing and the floor but not over anything else.These colors were always moving and well they were very exzillerating.But I sat back and watched as the colors did there thing.I looked at the light in the middle of the T.V. room.It was moving and swaying with the colors but I lost intressed of it soon becuase the colors were just fasinating.I looked at the floor becuase somthing caught my eye.I can't remeber what it was but anyways a drop formed from the floor and pointed to the ceiling.It fell from the floor to the ceiling and the ceiling rippled.The colors moved nicely with the ripples.After this I don't remeber much but I do remeber laying down on the couch and closing my eys to find out the colors were gone but I started to feel the round again.I was stil seeing stuff not the wya they are supposed to be but the ground was back.the walls were relaxed as I were but when i moved they moved with me.Slowly and surly I cmae back.It wa now 6:00 am.We didn't bother sleeping we just stayed up and talked about how cool it was.My friend J was petting a big frog he said.It ws following him everywhere or somthing like that.And my friend T well he kept looking atr us and thinking we were plotting to kill him so he stayed off on his own and ignored us the whole trip.My advice to new timers when you fell a feeling it is multypied by alot so if you get scared your pretty much fucked.But i got scared and eventually the collors mellowed me out man but i guess you never know.But Ill post my next trip again for sure ;)

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