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dead at the hospital

This all happened on a Wednesday after school.

This all happened on a Wednesday after school. I was 17 and in the 11th grade. Me and my friends Cory, Willie, and Lance had just got done hunting for shrooms in a cow pasture right outside my town. We had a good bunch (I don't know how many ounces, but we had about 35 caps.) We ended up meeting at another friends house where we planned to eat them. We began eating them as usual, (with ranch on a triscuit cracker) when my friends mom came in. She used to be a hippie so she joined in on the fun.
This is when I fucked up. I was trying to out eat her and didnt realize how much I had eatin till Willie said "Damn, your already done with your 11th one." (usual only eat like 4-5) I had already began buzzing a little, so a little paranoia began. I stopped eatin.
As hard as I tried I couldnt stop worrying about how much I had eaten and what was goin to happen to me. My fry and paranoia kept getting more intense so I told Lance to take me for a ride to see if it would calm me down. This is when it started getting crazy.
I'd taken many drugs before this night and I was real experienced with strong effects that came from everything from Acid to Coke, but what happened in the car was the crazyest shit yet.
I usually see stuff breathing, kalidoscopes, and halos, but when I was in the car I actually saw stop signs bending almost to 90 degree angles, Faces and other objects in trees, and stuff to that extent. My paranoia began to turn into fear so I smoked A little weed that Lance had to see if it would calm me down. Thats when my night went to hell.
As soon as the weed kicked in, my vision became so impaired that I could barely make objects out because of all the blending colors and kalidascopes. On top of that it felt as if what was happening was a slide show or sumthin. I could only focus like once or twice evry 5 mins. My fear turned into terror. I thought that my Heart was beating out of control and it was goin to stopped or give me a heart attack. I tried to control it for a little more, but my time and thoughts were just running crazy in my head. I was going to dye. I then told Lance to take me to the hospital. At first he refused, but I began screaming at him until he did. Im not as religious guy, but on the way there, I was praying to god and asking for forgiveness for what I had done. I told lance to tell my family I loved them. Right when we pulled up to the hospital I jumped out of the car and ran through the emergency doors screaming that is was dying. They grabbed me and put me on a bed, the bed where I died. I think it might have been the flouresent lights that did it. It was so beautiful. My eyes were closed and it seemed as though I was floatinging through a Tunnel of great light and beauty, the tunnel to heaven. Other patients were also heard in the background saying " oh no that guy is dying." Then the docters walked away kinda mad, so I figured for sure they're mad that they lost me.
This continued for about what I felt was hours, but in actuallity prolley only 30 mins.. Then I started to come down. Slowly I drifted back to reality. (So quickly because they made me drink all that charcol water and gave me a shot of something that brings you down.) And after another hour, right before my parents were allowed to see me, I began to realize how stupid I was and how much it was gunna suck in the morning.
After all that happened I never messed with psychedelics (except weed) ever again. Even though at one point my fry was pure beauty, the bad portion of it was scary enough (never been more scared in my life) to make me quit.

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