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Fun..Then near death

The evening began with my and a freind of mine.

The evening began with my and a freind of mine. We started off at his house, and were both going to have 2g of EQ. While at his house and we were wheight out the EQ's we noticed we had much more then 4g so we diecide to do 3.5-4g each. After preforming a vanishing act with the mushys and want wanting to barf we went outside to walk to a friends house. 10-15 minuets later we were both gone...
While walking to the friends house we we noticed it was hard to move, unknowing why we presumed we were in Jell-O even though we we could see it. Then more amusing things began, like declairing a ice covered hill impossible to climb up. 20 minuets later I did it. WE stoped a gerneral store and were walking around and luaghing histericly about a song that was on the speakers. after we set out again. On the sid walk there were lots of round balls of salt to melt ice. The salt quickly turned in sheep, hundred of little tiny sheep milling about and walking, our zeal to kill the sheep was only matched by the desire tolook at the ice covered gound. After many hours of standing and walking the walk the should have taken 15minuets had taken an hour hours.(btw we also had glow sticks a great idea).
Once we arived at the friends house. AT the house 3 friends were playing linked halo. They were all stoned except one "friend". I stod inside the door to the room for at least half an hour and kept faliing through it couse it couldnt be shut all the way. So many funny things happened.
2-3 hours later(not really sure) i stared having a bad trip. I was sharing a cushin with the sobre guy. I dont rember excatly how it started but am pretty sure it was him using me as a table. It's hard to describe but the bad trip was like the good trip but everything was terrible. I started to cry, and wasnt tired anymore. After crying for a hour or two(if times dont make scense cause i dont rember0 of crying and humiliating my self i decided i should sleep. But seeing as i wasnt tired and couldnt. I was laying in the other room and started to her scary music that wasnt there. My nose was dripping profusly and it was cloggedwith my hoddie on while on the matres all the mucus from my nose and motuth kept land on my hoody and i didnt notice for a while the when i did i got up to go the bathroom to wipe up. In the mirror when i moved my facial muscles the appered to move more and wiggle around on my face. I think i might have been hungry but it was realy hard to tell what my body wanted. The whole time death and killing myself seemed more and more like a good idea. I looked down the drain at the sink, and think i thought it was a good idea to kill myself i went into the other room not to get my knife but to look at it. I dont think i was ever realy going to but it was frigthening how it death wasnt quite as frighting.
A littel later. I was forced to sit down by my friend. Then i just stared into space I listened to my friends talking but it was hard to reply( by this time i was starting to come down)and i couldnt tell where my legs or arms were and had no concept of distance or proportions. talking was even a increadibly hard thing and when i did it didnt make sense mostly. It was like someone pulled all the cords in my brain and i had to plug them back in. While sitting in the corner i luaghed a few times out of habbit. Then it felt like i could answer any question in my head. The thought were realy clear and made sense. I was finging answers to questions quickly becuase i seemed to have to concept of social inter actions and i wasnt making as many natural confusion..."there was no pretense"
When everyone tried to go to bed i laythere in the other room and was awake and hour later i slept. The only way to rationalize it was that i let small segments of my brain take over the whole thing.

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