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Complete Insanity

After a track meet one night, my friends and I decided to shroom.

After a track meet one night, my friends and I decided to shroom. My friend grows them and had some left overs for us. His stuff is pretty potent and I ate more than anyone's ever eaten of his stuff. Ready to start, I began munching at 11.
Feeling the effects 20 minutes later, I knew it was going to be intense. Colors started to get more vibrant, everything was altered. I started tripping in a dim room. When shrooming, I've always found music to be a very good thing to keep on occupied and enjoy the trip. I brought some of my own music and everything was going well. When I reached my peak, I realized that the music I had seem to make the mood of the room. At first, I hd some Ben Harper on, which is melacholy acoustic. I couldn't take that for too long, everyone seemed down, too relaxed. I wanted to go crazy, so I threw on some techno.
The techno made stuff insane. People started to move in robotics, mesmorized by the beat. Of course this was all in my head but it was such an intense sight. After about an hour of music while peaking, I decided to get up and go into a well-light room. That's when I realized how hard I was tripping.
I looked at a kids face and I swear his skin was an inch thick. I could visualize each layer of his skin and saw cell movement. It freaked me out so I tried to focus on a wooden cabinet. Same hallucination happened there. The wood developed layers and I could see the wood breathing, expanding and contracting. It was pretty chill but the light was fucking with my trip so I decided to go outside and lay back. Enjoy the night skies.
The sky definitely relaxed me. The whole sky was moving, nothing was stationary. Stars faded and came back to life, they'd come together to form bigger pictures and so on, but that is only the beginnin of my trip, it was only 1 in the morning. I thought I was peaking, but I had no idea what power the shrooms had left.
The next setting was in my friends room, where we all chilled and had some philosophical talks. My friend has been having problems at home so he was enlightened and getting alot of negative energy out. It was good to hear his release, comforting. That's when everything started to go to my head. People around me that weren't shrooming knew how much I'd taken and wanted to know what it was like so far. So I'd attempt to explain it. Whenever I explained my trip, the reactions of the listeners mirrored how I wanted them to react. I felt like they understood every sngle word I said, like they were having the same trip as I was having. And while explaining, I'd come across parts that would just flow off my tongue and parts that would be really hard to explain. That's when robotics started to kick it.
I felt like a machine. I was thinking so fast that my motins couldn't keep up my brain. Sometimes my body would just flow when I was't having any difficulty explain but other times I would freeze up and not be able to move because my brain din't know what to say or do. It was a really cool feeling. Then everyone else started to move in robotics and I was enjoyed my trip so much. Most intense trip I've ever had. Then my friend fucked it up. It was his first time shrooming and I could tell he was a little off. Because of this, everything he said I took very serioulsy in order to comfort him and bring him back into a good experience.
So he comes into his room and is like "Yo, I think Vito's dead." Vito is a fried of mine who was heavily drinking that night. He was passed out in the bathroom with the door locked. Taking him serioulsy, I started bugging hardcore. I started to think that it was only midnight and that my trip made me believe otherwise. I thought that cops were outside and the whole school, but I couldn't see them. There were three types of reality going on in my head. My trip, the reality my trip my up and true reality. In the beginning, I would come in an out of the bad trip. I'd get really paranoid for a little, bu then I'd calm down and focusin on the goodness of the trip and realize vito didn't die.
But whenever I felt negative energy from anyone in the room, I'd spiral back into my bad trip. Each time I'd spiral back in, it would get worse. I thought that each time I came back, it was just more time I was wasting in my friends house and disrespecting the death of my friend. It was a fucked up situation. I reached such a point of insanity that I was outside, in the snow, walking in wool socks saying "I hope you guys are enjoying this, because I'm gonna be fucked later," thinking that my friends and cops were allowing me to trip my balls off until I came back to reality and realize the severity of the situation.
But again, I gripped reality and pulled myself together. Then final time this happen, a word cannot describe the trip. I went outside and I began to see all the flashing red lights and car lights, I heard the sirens and high school kids on their cell phones talking about what was happening. Everything was moving closer and closer to the house, suffocating my thought. With all the lights a block away from the house, I realized Vito was NOT dead. All of the sudden, evertyhing faded and disappeared. My trip was the complete rise and fall of a rumor. The craziest night of my fucking life. Shit

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