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You tell me

I have this monkey.

I have this monkey. It has never taken any drugs asides from cannabus and alcohol. It seems to be way more sensetive to these "stimulants than most monkies are though"
One night this monkey got his hands on about 3.5 grams. He very kindly shared them with his friend. He told me he didnt feel much and was quit dissapointed. To his delight his other monkey friend showed up with an Oz for the whole group. My monkey was feeling very adventurous and quickly scarved down 14 dried grams. The crazy thing was eating them like french friez. You should know that the monkey was far from home and had been traveling for the last 2 years. He had just arrived at a close monkeyfriends college and had been swatting in his dorm for a coupla days. Lucky for him he had made some seriously good monkeyfriends in the time he was there.
Him and another monkey friend smoked some budha and he got his first visual. Nothing serious. His friends just took on a reptillian nature. They had sharp pointy faces and some where laping up doritos with their projectile tounges. My monkey felt like some fresh air so him and a friend went outside.
He said he was following a trail, but it was very dark and his friend could not see a any trail. My monkey took his friend into the dead forest and to a lake. I asked him about it and he does not know how he knew it was there.
My monkey and his friend stood at the lake and watched the little things dance and bounce on the water. They were having a party and my monkey wanted to join. His friend said that the lake was to big and cold try and dance on so he start back to the dorm. When he went inside he was surrounded by angels. Beatifull girls all dressed in white
with halo's and wings. They were singing the most delightfull song and were just wandering around. Took very little notice of my monky. My monkey felt strangly tired and wanted to go sleep so he left his one friend and joined his host in his sleeping quaters. There he sat with his eyes closed. He knows he saw many things but he cant remeber any of them. His friend was asleep so my monky lay down on the floor to get some rest.
Sudenly he was wide awake. The world looked very ugly to him. He was thinking what a scary place this was to wake up in. He knew how everything worked and he did not like it.
He could be any of the monkies that he knew and he knew how they thought.Friends from has past were talkin to him, telling him what his options were and where he should travel to next.
That freakin phone that he could not figure out kept on ringing but his friend would not pick it up. When my monkey tried to get it it would stop. He took it into the hall lounge and sat there lookin at it for a while. All the other monkies were in bed now. He wanted someone to talk to so he used the caller ID. It was very hard to use the phone becuse the door at the end of the hall ( and the whole hallway for that matter ) was not being a door any more. It was vibating and floating, twisting and turning, moving closer and moving futher, shaking a whole lot. He thought something was trying to break in through the other side, it was not friendly at all.
Somehow he got the phone to work and another good monkeyfriend was on the other side. He knew of the situation came to my rescue. The were supposed to meet in a bathroom outside but its doors where locked, shaking them attracted campus security to his location. Lucky for my monkey he could read the fools mind and knew the answer to his every question. Security soon lost interest and returned to its menial duties.
My monkey was now very calm. He said Dao was there with him and he could deal with any situation imaginable. He knew he was under the protection of something now
His very good monky friend finally found him and took him to a house. The walk across campus whas a strange one. Space was contourted in odd ways, light beams seemed to slow down and stop in certain spots and the trees were being very friendly. At the house my monkey could finaly use a bathroom. His belly was hurting ( could have been the gouda or the shrooms, who knows ). His ego was clay and he could be whatever he wanted. His jokes were the funniest that they had ever been ( this monkey is from south africa and his jokes dont usually get alot of response in the US ). He thought office space was the best movie he had ever seen. Whenit was over he had to go find a place to stay.
He had given up his wallet and keys before hand and was now in a very bad position. His friend was there though and decided to book my monkey into a motel ( dorms were locked tight ). In the car my monkey lost cotrole of his limbs. They would not do what he wanted to do. It was now 6 in the morning and he needed some rest. In his bed he closed his eyes and watched the past for hours. Try as he might he can not remeber any og his closed eye visions, but he knows he was taken far far away in them. My monkey now tells me that it is very important for everyone to eat lots of mushrooms because his eyes have been recast and he is now a monkey ready to grow up some more again. He alos knows he has to go to California for some reason. The alien mistress told him so while they were making love that night.

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