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A Trip Across Time

This took place at home with my girlfriend (who didn't eat any mushrooms).

This took place at home with my girlfriend (who didn't eat any mushrooms). This was to be the first time that I consumed any quantity of psychedelics in a few years. I aquired nearly 6 grams of freshly dried cubensis in which I consumed over the course of three days/nights.

The first night I ate only a small stem to test the quality of the mushrooms. The next night I ate slightly more, perhaps one gram, and decided to stop there since I had the next few days off work and planned to eat the rest of the bag the next night. Both nights I was surprised at the quality of the mushrooms.

I proceeded as planned the next day and consumed the rest of the mushrooms in 3 doses over the course of two to three hours. I took the first dose, 2-2.5 grams, at around 4:30pm on a Saturday. The first effects were felt within 45 minutes of taking the first dose. I noticed myself feeling different, although it wasn't much, yet. I decided to smoke a few bowls to give myself an extra lift. Shortly afterward I opened my bag of mushrooms again and took a bite out of a large stem. I sat and watched TV and continued to wait for the trip to start.

By the time I looked at the clock again it was close to 6pm and I was surprised at how much time had passed. I was feeling the effects much more by this time and I had wondered how long it had been since I started feeling this way. I felt very excited, somewhat nauseous, apprehensive, and cold. I started to think that eating the other piece of stem wasn't such a good idea. I wondered how far that other piece would take me. Moreover, I wondered how much it weighed.

The nausea and apprehensive feelings soon passed to constant yawning, watery eyes (from yawning), and lauging at all the things that were happening to me. I then decided that it was probably safe to eat the rest of the bag. Although I wasn't keeping track of time anymore, I estimate that it was shortly after 6:30pm at this point. I remember the mushrooms tasting a bit like peanuts when I first began to chew them, and although I usually don't mind the taste much, it was even less offensive than normal while I was already under the influence.

I smoked a few more bowls with my girlfriend and told her about how I was feeling. I couldn't look at anything without it being distorted. this was accompanied by the usual feelings of euphoria, minor auditory hallucinations, and a rather intense body high of a somewhat intense trip.

I sat on couch with my girlfriend and continued to watch TV for a little while, but soon began walking around my place looking at things. I was getting impatient and wanted the rest of the mushrooms I ate to kick in, although I was already tripping and happy... at least for awhile.

I began to feel that my girlfriend was holding my trip back because she was sober and didn't look as happy as I did. She also was worried that I would fall when I was walking and asked me to sit down repeatedly. I was staggering a bit but I didn't feel like I was going to fall. I sat down anyway as I realized that she was probably right. In a way I wanted her to leave... And she did for about 15 minutes. She asked me if I would be alright while she took a shower (or use the bathroom.. I don't really remember) and I said yes.

While she was in the bathroom I sat on the couch and looked at my pet tarantulas, the TV, the walls, everything. I began to experience very intense feelings of panic. It was like I wasn't even tripping before.. The last mushrooms I ate had came on so strong that they completely shadowed the fact that I was already tripping. A little voice in my head said to me, "this is what you wanted all night, and now you're fucked". I realized that I had eaten a large ammount and that there was nothing I could do to abort the trip. I quickly began to try to change the course of my trip before it got any stronger. While I scanned the walls I saw illusions of small spiders, which had a calming effect on my mind (as odd as that my seem). I am fond of spiders so this came as no surprise to me.

My girlfriend came out of the bathroom a few minutes later and this also helped to relax me. I smiled at her and told her that I was seeing spiders on the walls. She sat next to me on the couch and I rested my head on her lap. She ran her fingers through my hair and I lost all feelings of fear and panic. I stood up and walked around across the room, but quickly went back to the couch as I found walking nearly impossible.

I layed there on the couch with my back turned to my girlfriend and my head resting on the arm rest while she rubbed my back. I looked at the TV and saw faces appearing from everywhere possible. I remember thinking, "did they intend for me to see this?". I could feel myself becoming more and more confused at this point. My senses became so distorted that I could no longer feel my girlfriends body against mine or the couch under my body. I slid to the floor and layed there on my back looking up at the ceiling. I laughed as it changed into undescribable entities, faces, and patterns. I turned my head to the side and noticed that my carpet, once shades of brown, was now a flowing field of soft white matter which cannot be described in words.

I no longer saw the things in my place the same way I had earlier that day. They had taken on new forms or ceased to exist entirely. I could no longer remember what was happening to me or where I was, although I did know that I had been eating psychedelic mushrooms earlier. I began to think that I was dying, although this didn't worry me. My thoughts seemed to come from an external source instead of my mind, like some being was controlling me, and therefore I didn't see them as real.

I closed my eyes and began to see colorful patterns which moved as if I were being flown through another dimension. On several occasions I could see my place, although greatly distorted, from this colorful alien world. I no longer felt attached to my body and seemed to float through time and space, heaven and hell, while gazing in awe of the whole experience. I thought about my mom and saw her in my old house as if in a dream. Although I couldn't speak to her and she didn't appear to see me, it was like I was there.

I slid into another postition on the floor, hugged a pillow and remembered feeling helpless, though not afraid of what was going on. I heard a voice speaking to me but couldn't understand what it said. The voice didn't come from anything in particular, but from the colorful patterns that made up this place that I had found. I didn't respond to the voice and didn't hear it again.

I can't remember many details past this point, though there are a few moments where I seemed to fade back into a dreamy reality. I asked my girlfriend if I was sleeping a few times and remembered her telling me that my eyes had been open. I can also remember asking "what's going on?" on more than one occasion, to which she replied, "you're tripping on mushrooms". Anytime I was able to get some grip on reality I was extremely confused and tried to figure out what was going on.

After an estimated two hours of being on the floor (and spilling a glass of ice water on my head) I regained some sense of reality, and this time it didn't fade away. It was very difficult to talk, but even more difficult to try to describe what I experienced. My girlfriend asked how I was feeling while I was on the floor and I replied, "it was like going to hell, heaven and back.. That's the best way to describe it".

The rest of the night was spend sitting around and smoking bowls. Although I was still had a strong afterglow for hours, it felt like very little in comparison to what I had been through. I was up and around again within a few hours after I stopped peaking, but felt funny for a few days afterward. More details of the trip came back after several days, but this is still all I can remember.

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