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First Trip Blues

Hello fellow shroomers.

Hello fellow shroomers. First of all I would like to say that if you are planning to trip on mushrooms for the first time be careful. Trip with someone you enjoy hanging out with and don't do what I did. Start off with 2 caps and see what it does.

It was a friday afternoon and I was at home. My friend had came out of school and stopped by my house. He asked me if I felt like taking some shrooms tonight. I had never tripped on mushrooms but was a big time ecstacy user.

I was also a big acid head and as far as coke,weed and alcohol go I was a big time user. I had always wanted to try shrooms and told him yea. So later that night I stopped by his house. I told him I had no money and he was disappointed. "Damn, I guess we will have to split an 1/8." So we drove out to his friend from schools house. We purchased the shrooms and he decided we were gonna take em in my car right there and then. So he took a magazine off his dash and split the bag into 2 piles. I looked at the shrooms being how I had never seen them before. To this day I have no idea what kind of mushrooms they were where they were from or even the kid who we bought them off's name! Now being how it was the first time I had taken them I asked him "Should I take two caps now and see if it hits me?" And he replied by grabbing his pile and shoving them into his mouth. "Munch,Munch Real shroom heads eat eight's by themsleves." So I started eating them. The taste wasn't bad at all sort of like peanuts. I eat 5 caps and a shit load of stems. So we headed to his cousins house and dropped in. My friend had saved a few stems and gave them to his cousin to throw in a blunt. We explained to them that we had split an eight. "SPLIT AN EIGHT! Wow you arent gonna feel shit. You got to eat a whole eight!" My friend said thats what he wanted to do but seeing how I had no money he split one. We started to smoke and were talking about what I should expect. " Oh you've taken acid before then don't worry man shrooms are more controlled then acid they are more fun." Its fun. Its fun. Its fun. They all kept on saying that.

A half an hour went by since we popped em and I was starting to feel the effects. For no reason what so ever I started to die laughing. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA it was great I felt like I was on strong acid and was feeling really good. But then BOOM! I was hit hard. I was sitting on the couch when and all of a sudden my head fell down to the side. I felt stuck to the couch. I tried to get up but couldnt I started to panic. "Hey whats going on. I don't feel so good man." "Dont worry its more controlled than acid." "NO ITS NOT!!!!" I cannot truly explain how I felt. I dont possess the words to describe what it was I was feeling but this was just the start. My friend suggested that I get some fresh air. It sounded like a good idea to me so I gave everything I had and stood up. I tried to walk and could not! I would try to move my leg straight and it would go left! I would try to move my leg left and it would go right!I was not enjoying this and really started to panic. "Whats happening to me" I shouted. " I need to throw up!" "Maybe you should throw up it might help" But I knew throwing up would not help me at all. I was in for a long ride and didnt know what to do. I leaned up against his table in his yard and asked him how long this was gonna last. "It lasts 4 to 8 hours dude" Oh shit I thought to myself. But little did I know the shrooms hadnt even peaked yet. It had only been 45 minutes since I took them and I was destroyed. I was trying so hard to fight this feeling I was having but couldnt. Within the next 5 minutes I had fell to the floor and my eyes shut. The only way I can explain what happened next is hell. I was in hell! I knew what hell was! This was hell. I couldnt move. Complete paralasis i was fighting so hard and was trying to move but couldnt. And that is what hell is. My friend was panicing because I wasnt responding to anything he said or did. I was laying on the ice cold wet floor in a t-shirt. My friend was getting really nervous and his cousins came into the yard. They were surronding me and trying to help me. I couldnt be helped. I was having INTENSE INTENSE INTENSE visuals.
 I saw doctors surronding me and heard them talking to each other. "The patient is insane' they would say. I uttered a low "call me n ambulance" to my friend and he said "okay man." And as he was going back into the house I said "no wait dont I will get in trouble." He assured me I would be alright but I knew I wouldnt. He asked me what I was feeling claiming that he wasnt feeling anything from his half. I couldnt speak so I just mumbled something about him leaving me here to die. He went inside and got three blankets and put them on top of me. The warmth of the blankets felt great. He went inside and left me there like I asked. For the next 2 hours I went through hell. The feeling I had in my head was like a tightening of the brain. My right side of my head felt like it was cramped up I cannot explain the feeling. I wanted to die. I wanted this pain to end. I wanted someone to come and chop my head clean off to stop these feelings. Laying on floor triping balls seeing myself in a straight jacket and knowing what it is like to be insane. I thought this is how people in any mental hospital feel.This is being insane. I had no control over anything and was thinking how I threw my whole life away. Damn why did I take these mushrooms is all I could think. I was in hell. My visuals increased and even though my eyes were closed I could see everything and more. After 3 hours of this my eyes suddenly opened. As soon as that happened I thanked the lord. I took the blankets off of me and looked up at the sky. It was like being born again. So beautiful. I looked around me and felt so good to be alive. You see you never realize how much you love your life until you are about to die. I stood up and was still feeling very very fucked up. I entered the house and walked into the living room. My friend asked me if I was okay. I still couldnt talk and just nodded my head in a no gesture. I walked out of the door and headed to my house.I live in nyc so I walked home. I was passing people and felt like everyone was looking at me. My head was so tightly cramped I felt like I was poisoned. I made it to my house and saw another one of my friends on my stoop. As soon as I sat down I felt that feeling of hell coming back into me so I decided to keep walking. I tried to talk to him it was hard but I managed. "Yo are you okay?" He asked. I told him that I wasnt and kept walking. I walked and walked and walked and everytime I would sit down I would start to feel hell again. So I kept walking.
 After another 3 hour of walking I felt a little better and almost tired. I went home. My mother was sitting on my couch. I looked at her and she looked like an angel to me. Behind her was what looked like fairy dust falling all over the couch. She asked if I was okay too noticing the crazy look in my eyes. I told her I loved her and went upstairs to my bed. I layed down and closed my eyes. I woke up the next morning feeling fine and happy to be alive. As bad as I felt that night I am glad I took them. Shrooms have changed my life. I talked to my friend a week later and he told me he was really feeling them. He then told me he had more shrooms. I went to his house the following week and took one cap. It hit me. Thats right I felt 1 cap. I am thankful that god put me here to expierience all feelings even the bad ones and will continue to trip on shrooms. But I want everyone who never have taken shrooms to know that they are not a joke. And even the smallest dose can fuck you up. I guess my body cannot handle the chemical psylocybin. But I would hate to see anyone I mean anyone feel how I felt that night. It wasnt fun. It wasnt cool. It was an expierience. It was hell. But it wasn't for eternity. It was for a night.
 Be careful with what you ingest. Try 2 caps and then move up. I only ate a half of an eight! I mean if I would have had money and ate a whole eight...who knows what would have happened! These shrooms were dried they werent fresh mushrooms and they fucked me up. I am telling you that 1 cap fucked me up! So please becareful with mushrooms. I know that there are millions of people that have taken shrooms and have enjoyed it. I am thankful to this site for letting me know about other peoples expieriences and for letting m share mine. Thanks shroomery!


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