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Rolls & Shrooms

There is only one way to describe this journey i took.

There is only one way to describe this journey i took. Fucking shit. The best trip i have ever fucking had. I took about 5 grams of shrooms that i got from my dealer. He didn't tell what kind they were just new ones he got early that day, he told me 2 grams would be enough for me but i wanted to be a rebel and take 5 cause ima bad ass.
So any way the nite started when i went to my friends house. he is cool and his parents are to. So we were there and we called up the dealer i metioned early. We got them and ate them on the ride home, tasted like shit, but we still ate them. This was 5th time with shrooms so i knew what to do go home and watch "The Song Remains the Same" but my friend suggested we go to a party that he knows about so i said "why hell not." Cause we had smoked some nice sinsmilla early so we went. We got there and i saw my friend will call her Nicole. Me and Nicole usually roll together and i told her i was tripping and she said "to bad cause i got two triple stacked with me and i was going to give you one" by know i was feeling the shrooms nicely because when she would talk it was real slow and i would see eyes changing different i shades. i said ok i ll take it . SHe wasn't sure if she wanted to give it to me but i insisted. So she finally caved and said yes(great friend's huh). i took the roll and was on my way to happiness. After i took it i walked around to find something to look at. i found this funny looking fake monkey. so i stared at it and it slowly came to life. it was fucking awesome i saw its feet and hands look just like a real persons hands. it was crazy after stared at the monkey for a half an hour. the roll kicked in. So i went to look for nicole to give me a massage. When i found her she was rolling hardcore. and had a vics towl and offered me a rub. of coarse how could i say no to a hot chick. huh.
While she gave me my rub thats when i took my journey...
while she was rubbing me i closed my eyes (where out side on a bench at the party by the way.)hearing natures sounds and feeling good as fuck! i went to another dimension.i went to place (around the time of peaking) i saw hills as far as the eye can see i also found in front of a man with a robe and he sad to me"to find the one you seek you must seek them" some how i knew exactly what he was talking about so i began to walk it felt like i had been walking for hours and hours and then i found myself falling to the ground in thirst because i was so thirsty. as i lay on the ground with the hot sun beating down on me i looked up and a saw a figure he extended his hand and as i went to grab in i everything went black. I awoke inside were the party was in a circle of people around me laughing.
Apparently, from what my friends say is, when i was outside getting a rub i stood up and something in jeberish. and walked away into the backyard then i started yelling and in jeberish. So my friends brought me inside to calm down. thats when i got away from them and ran inside and were everyone was and dropped my pants and told everyone to kiss my ass and stumbled over.
So thats my story and i suggest if you want to do something like this i suggest you make sure your belt is on tightly .
And 311 kicks ass. Long live herb!!!!!!!!!

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