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The Twilight Zone

Helloe there fellow DeadBrainers, Anywho.

Helloe there fellow DeadBrainers, Anywho...My knucklehead ass been in the zone for a long while. First brain candy I ever fucked with was magic mushrooms, I first tried it some years back during a Halloween. Dude, it was some wild out shit. At first I was just illin n' relaxin at one of my friends paddy. Anywhat, I've been freakin anxious to experience that zone I've heard so much about. As I was enjoying my 40oz. Olde English 800 and watching the little rugrats trick or treating, my friend brother(jason) in-law
approached my drunk ass and said "I heard you want to take that trip into the zone" I didn't even expect to fry that night but I replied with joy and said "You dam skippy like a hippie" so after that he broke out his stash and hooked me up. I forgot how much I ate, but I was zoned. We ate it with a gang of oranges, and before I knew what the was going on, I ended up be lost in the bathroom for an hour. I started trippin even more when I saw the trick or treaters mobbin around in their costumes. I thought I was in a circus for a minute. Then there was this Bruce Lee poster that was bugging me out because it seemed like Bruce Lee was calling me out for a fight, so I couldn't stop laughing at him. Anywho, I've now advanced to higher forms of psyches....and I really do love ACID. "PNOKEO"

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