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OK well me and my friends toke the moke so we wanted to try shrooms once.

OK well me and my friends toke the moke so we
wanted to try shrooms once. We never thought we
could get them but we bought an ounce for our first
time! We went out to one of my friend Dan's cabins and
started eating them with 2 of my other friends and
Dans cousin and his stepbrother. So we all diveded
them into 7's and got our own seperate baggy. So we
all started eating them like candy.. And We put in fast
and furious and it hit me. Everything started repeating
its self and everythign in life made sense and i forgot
how to sleep and it was fucking crazy.. So me and one
of my friends are sitting on a couch and we look over at
Dan and he throws his bag a us and he ate all his
shrooms. So that that wasnt good. Then dans
stepbrother ate all his and started freeking out. So we
all tried to go to bed but Dan started thinking he was on
fire and she and started ripping the house up and
throwing chairs and shit. So while i was sitting there on
the couch my other friend fell on the ground and a dog
came up to him and started humping him which was
funny as hell. And while we were all doing this Dans
stepbrother runs outside.. SO we think nothign of it and
just chill. Then Dans Aunt runs in and says.."Did
someone call the cops"? And were like no...then shes
like "your all fucked up on somthing now get the fuck
out of here, the cops are comming" SO we all freeked
out and ran into Dans car but then we were sitting in the
car waiting the cops came and we were fucked. THen
we had to get out and they all asked us our names and
she and handcuffed us. Then Dan came up to us and
had drool all over and he had to go to Detox and he
almost died.. So me and the friend that was sitting on
the couch with me got put in a cop car and went to
some police station holding place. ANd when i was
sitting there i was trying to sleep and i forgot how and i
looked at the walls and they started melting and i was
so scared casue i didnt know how to go back to normal,
And my parents were gonna come pick me us soon
and i was still fuked up. SO finally our parents picked
us up and were pissed as fuck and we all got screwed
but it was good because they all think this was the first
thing we have ver done so yea.. And About how the
cops got called.... Ok well When dans step brother ran
outside he went into someones house and called the
cops becasue he stated seeing blood on everyone and
thought someone was shot but he was just tripping
really bad. but it was a good thing the cops came cause
if not dan would have died becasue he was allergic to
the shrooms or something and his stepbro was in
detox for about a week. SO yea thats a big summary of
what happend, i left alot out but my trip sucked big cock.
So just a little tip, DONT BUY AN OUNCE FOR YOUR
call the cops and fuck up the rest of your life..... cya

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