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lost in my own head

I had planned to do mushrooms one friday night with my friends Chris and Saul.

I had planned to do mushrooms one friday night with my friends Chris and Saul. Time was of the least importance to me seeing that i had 2 days to kill. i arrived at Chris and Saul's apt in the late afternoon. After hanging out for a while we decide to eat our mushrooms. Chris and Saul split an 8th between them, and i began ingesting my full 8th but only got about half way through it before i decided i should be on the same level as my friends (good thing i did too because these shrooms were potent as fuck) after sitting around their dark apt for an hour waiting, a knock at the door. it was this girl who lived in the apt next to them. so we decide to go hang out outside with her and talk. this is when the shrooms began to kick in. we found ourselves laughing and giggling at stupid things and seeing patterns in the concrete, a while later Chris and i decide to go for a walk, saul decided to stay and talk with the next door girl (i cant remember her name for the life of me) as i get to the bottom of the stairs i see a patch of dirt on the concrete of which was making the most insane patterns and shifting and changing colors. i gazed at that for a few minutes and then we were off to the park. it was dark and very cold out but we didnt care, on our way out of the apt complex we would stop occasionally to check out the bark of the trees or the frosty grass. we walk accross the street from the apt complex to the park and sit on a grassy knoll near the road, the grass was very soft (and kinda wet) but it was so comfortable we sat down anyway. soon after we see an ambulence drive by with its lights on, we both look at each other amazed then one of us said something to the effect of 'oh know someone is dead' we both looked at each other kinda serious then just started laughing. after that we got up and proceeded to walk through to the park. on our way we encountered a security gaurd who was very nice and we stopped and talked to him for a minute then we were on our way. i remember feeling a little queesey(sp)so i sat down and picked up a pile of dead leaves and twigs and played with them in my hand, the leaves seamed to wrap around my hand consuming it. it looked like they were trying to eat my hand. off in the distance i can hear chris mumbling to himself (or maybe at me but i wasnt paying too close attention) after about 10 minutes of playing with random nature objects from the ground i look up and see chris holding this thin twig between 2 fingers, about 4 inches from his face, then he took a bite out of it. this made me laugh uncontrollably. soon after i recover from that i sit up and all the sudden in one quick burst i puked and began to feel really sick. i sat there and started at my puke for a minute because it was doing all sorts of things and then we decided we should go back. by this time i really felt like shit, i couldnt even find my way back to Chris's apt. he had to guide me. as we went walking off Chris went the right direction and i went the way i assumed to be the right direction. before i could say im lost chris grabbed my arm and guided me back to his apt. at this time i was totally out of my head, i couldnt tell up from down or left from right. even tho the area i was in i am very familiar with i just couldnt grasp which direction was the direction back to chris's apt. so after we got back Saul and the girl were still sitting on the steps talking. i sat down for about a half hour still feeling like shit so i decided to go lay down in Chris's room and sleep it off. bad idea. all i could think about is that im dying and this that and the other, but on the other hand i had some of the most intense closed eye visuals id ever had. every once in a while someone would come in to check on me and eventually i fell asleep. i dont know how much later but i woke up and i was still tripping, still not feeling so good i walked out of the bedroom to see what everyone else was doing and they were sitting there watching tv, so i went to the bathroom cause i thought i was going to puke again. i head straight for the toilet and nothing happens. i sit in there for about 20 min staring at the walls and all the other neat things bathrooms seem to have to offer when you are tripping. then i got up and looked in the mirror, damn i looked fucked up. i looked like i just woke up from hell (of which it pretty much was at the time) after that i went back to bed and concentrated on my closed eye visuals for what seemed like forever before i feel asleep.

in retrospect this is probably the best mushroom trip id ever had, aside from all the puking and feeling like shit. ill always remember that trip and beleive it was a positive experience. you cant have the good without the bad

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