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I live in Canada, in British Columbia so shrooms don't come around a lot.

I live in Canada, in British Columbia so shrooms don't come around a lot. I've grown some of my own, and they were pretty fucking great, I had a level 4 trip on them previously. There is a lot of grade A quality herb around all the time though. I've tripped on shrooms 3 times previously to this one. I've also done acid twice, dropped LSD 4 times, taken ex more times than I can count and smoked more bud than I could ever keep track of. I recently to this trip had gotten a job at Burger King, and since I still live at home I don't have to pay rent or any shit like that,I had a shit load of cash all the time.
I decided that tonight I would go for a Level 5. I met with some new guy in town from Toronto. He hooked me up with 2 ounces of shrooms and 1 ounce of chronic. I was planning to fuck myself up tonight. I also went and got one of my older friends to boot and get me a 40 pounder of Vodka. He got the shit and I planned to trip at my friend Adam's house because his parents were away for the weekend. I got there around 8:00 p.m. and found out that he had already gotten his shrooms. He had an ounce and was planning to eat it all. I brought an ounce to eat also, an eighth of bud and all my booze. We popped in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and decided to smoke some weed. I matched him 8 fat bowls in his huge orange glass bong.
We then decided to order a pizza to eat the shrooms on. We ordered a large pizza for the two of us. When it finally got there we each put on our ounce. The whole damn pizza was smothered with shrooms, it was sweet. We then grated some cheese and covered the whole top, popped it in the oven and melted the cheese over the shrooms. Then we munched out and finished the entrie pizza in about half an hour. By this time it was 10:00 and we popped in the South Park movie to trip on. I slowly drank my vodka and after 45 minutes the shrooms started to kick in. Me and Adam both got into these huge uncontrollable fits of laughter over the funniest little thing. South park started to look a lot more 3d and real. My mind raced and throbbed with all sorts of thoughts and pictures that satarted to really freak me out. Everything was getting out of control, 20 minutes late I came out of this little decent into my loony fucking head and into reality somewhat. Adam was nowhere in the room. I stood up and watched as my feet made the carpet ripple and how the walls were swirling with with what can only be described as the most beautfil colours and shades ever. I manged to make it into the kitchen to find Adam sitting cross legged on the floor with no pants talking to someone he called the lord of fitz? whatever the fuck that means, this kid was tripping. I now had double vision really bad and I felt kind of natuois. Everything was spinning and throbbing. The ceiling was doing the really trippy breathing thing. I then felt like drawing for some reason. I managed to find some art tools ( a permanet marker and Adam's family room table I would later find out ) and began swirling all my thoughts onto the wood. It was one of the mnost trippy things I have ever done. I eventually finsihed my vodka and winded up passing out. The next morning I woke up in Adam's tub with the shower on me with ice cold water jetting onto me. I was fucking freezing!!! I got up and had a harsh fucking hangover. I found Adam passed out on his bed with no pants, his face covered in mustard and his room totally trashed. Wow!! What a night. I later regained my senses and found out that last night I drank my 40 pounder, eaten an ounce of mushies ans smoked a 20 bag. That left me with 1 ounce of shrooms, 1 ounce of bud minus an eigth and no booze

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