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Is this my house?

Hey, I am goning to tell to you my story about my adventures on mush.

Hey, I am goning to tell to you my story about my adventures on mush. It's May 12, my birthday after searching around my intire city me and my 3 friends, joel,brendan and mike finally get the mush we needed(18 grams to be precise) The plan is to go home and do it for my birthday. First I will give a quick discription of my friends. Joel ( medocere drug user, comforatble with mush) Brendan( also a medocere drug user, except he won't touch halucinagins for some reason, but he does tonight) Mike( super lightweight, hasn't even smoked weed once in his intire life)

11:00pm- We all arive at my house, my parents are passed out already so we don't have to worry about them. We order pizza and after it arrives we dispurse the mush. 2 pieces covered each.
11:30pm- We all start to feel diffrent, obvious pupil dialation. Especially mike, lol his pupils were the size of nickles. We turn on the Blow dvd.
11:45pm- We all start to feel a definite change. The movie starts to become hard to follow, too much talking. After about 15 minutes of discussing we decide it would be best to go outside. ( My backyard is really big, and it borders on a huge soccer field)
12:00pm- Finally we all manage to stumble up my stairs ( I live in the basment) getting side tracked by my watermellon on the kitchen table.. we evenutally get to my back door and run out bare feet.
12:05pm- After we hop my fence we run around my field for about 15 minutes, my feet start to get cold and same with my friends. Suddenly all these people across the field start walking towards us and as the bitches we are we all run like mad back to my house and race down to my basement.
12:30pm- We all really start to feel the mush, I havn't lost reality but at this point Im really really high. After contimplating why we ran away and five minutes of straight laughing we manage to head back upstairs, put on shoes, grab the watermellon( mike felt it was nessicary to cary it around with him)and we head back outside. Me and joel emidatly head for my backyard swing. He lights up a smoke and we start babbling on about nothing, laughing occasionally but Im too busy staring at his smoke as he swings back and forth. Mike and brendan go lie down in the middle of my backyard and start staring at the stars. After a while mike got bored and just started wondering my backyard, and to my surprise actually go lost. After brendan realised mike was gone he started freaking out and getting scared. Like a little kid he runs over to us and is like " guys, Im really scared, can we go back inside, where's mike? guys Im really scared can I go back inside? Ohh the watermellon....(1 minute later) guys Im really scared" lol, so me and joel start telling him to shut up and look at the stars, and say enjoy it your acting like a little kid.
12:45pm- Mike appears out of nowhere after being gone for nearly 15 minutes. We assumed he'd just passed out but it turns out he went into my neighbors backyard and pissed on there rabbit hutch. Anyway's, being the assholes we are we sent brendan and mike away with the watermellon to go lie down on the ground.
1:00pm- I start to get really cold, mike goes off and wanders again and brendan devisces a way to keep himself from getting scared. He chants the words " Im a hero, I'll fight the monsters, don't worry guys Im a hero" lol. Finally I become tired of being cold go and find mike stuck in the weeping willow I have in my backyard and take him inside with me.
1:05pm- Me and mike end up in my room again to find the movie still playing. The feeling is really dark at the current scene so we turn it off and try to find some cartoons on the satalite.
1:20 after not being able to find anything on t.v. I start to lose reality. My room is expanding and enclosing around me over and over. I look at mike and he's lying on the ground in a ball. He had a stomach ache and he was afraid of me. so I got up left my room and went back outside. Joel and brendan were sitting on the swings when I got there. I walked over there and as soon as I started talking to me a rush of halucinactions came over me. I couldn't concintrate on what they were talking about, the lights were gettin brighter for some reason too. After about five minutes of just standing there and staring I finally tuned into there conversation.. somthing about how I was mumbling? anyways I started explaing about how mike was getting all weird and stuff but then I lost consintration again and decided I wanted to go inside. after walking 10 meter's to my door I realize what I had come out to do and I walked all the way back said the same thing agian, forgot what I was saying and asked " Is this my house?" Joel just laughed, but I was serious I couldn't understand where I was. So I decided I better go back to the door and see where I was. I went to the door rembered somthing about mike, and the basment. I walked over to joel again, mumbled somthing, asked if we should go inside but I couldn't understand what they were telling me? Anyways after about.. atleast 30 minutes of me wandering back and forth joel and brendan decided it was best for us to go back inside. Carrying the watermelon in my hand we finally reached my basment, I stared at mike who was sitting on my bed shaking stuck out my tounge and tried to go back upstairs but joel just pushed me in my room.

From then tell moring it was kinda a blur, we turned on the movie fight club, big mistake, that movie is totaly insane. There faces go all green and shit and there's the guy with the big boobs and the chanting of robert paulson, defintly not a good mush movie.

In the moring I woke up around 6 and for some reason jumped up and turned on the light and went and sat back down on the floor.. From that point on I contiuned to read everything I saw.. like this lol, "my t-shirt)Airwalk(Mikes t-shirt),Aestitics(brendans shirt),Phat Farm, T.V., DVD, Vhs, what does it all mean?" airwalk,aestitics,phat far,t.v.,dvd,vhs,joel,brendan,mike,computer,a&w root beer, what the hell is that? I contiuned to do that until I passed out again.
11:00am- When I woke up everyone was asleep, I had this terrible taste in my mouth and I saw a ripped up wet smoke by my blanket. I was later told I ask for a smoke at 6 and contiued to eat it. filter and all. Anyways, thank you for reading my story, If I could just tell you about it it would make more sence but I can't so meh.

***NOTICE*** Unless you are an experienced mush user or lsd user, do not watch fight club, that movie is to intence!

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