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Master of Puppets

Hey folks, this is my first ever report - so bare with me :).

Hey folks, this is my first ever report - so bare with me :). Ive tripped a few times - mainly in the last couple months and ive been having a great time on mushies. Well up until last night, i thought i had "tripped hard" - well i found out last night that i hadnt been near as far as this magical fruit coiuld take me. Soooo, heres my report -let me know wut u think :)

5:00 pm
A friend of mine called and said he had found a few cubes in Mississippi while visiting his dad, so i met him at another friends house to see wut he had gotten into. He had a damn good find - considering he wasnt looking hard. After we dried them (mostly) he had about 16 grams. Considering they werent all the way dry - we decided to split them two ways and see where those 8 grams could take us :)


Now keep in mind that ive never taken over 1/8 oz. and i hadnt eatin a bite of food all day. Mainly because i had been thinking i was going to eat some Euro Amanitas instead, but decided to go with the cubies b/c the im not so sure about the amanitas yet - still wanna do some more reading on them before i take em. About 15 minutes later i could already feel the effects taking hold. INTENSE body buzz - to the point where i could harldy move for a while. Anxiety/nausea/wtfdidijustdo was kinda building on me. So we smoked a bowl or two of some fine green and i went to the bathroom to be alone (and shit) so i could kinda get my mind right for wut was about to happen. I was able to build up a lil confidence in there so i came out a "new trippin man" so to speak - i was ready for this wild ride i was about to take.

There were a few other friends around and we decided to take a drive out to a buddy's house to watch the Bball playoff game. We knew no one would really be out there so itd be cool not to be bothered. Plus it was way out in the boondocks so the trees/scenery kicks ass out there. The ride was fun, but i was still a little anxious. Closed eye patterning was starting, and me and the other guy tripping were giggling like fools =)

6:30-7:00pm ish
4 of us decided to take the shoes off and kick the soccer ball around in the backyard. Boy was this a mistake - i couldnt figure out wut the fuck was going on - much less be able to kick the damn thing around. I couldnt keep my eyes off the ground. The patterns in the sand/grass were amazing - really beautiful. So, they all went in and i sat on the back porch smoking a cig and watching the sun go down.

TRIP REALLY SETS IN... I get this feeling that im "one with the porch" - like... i am a part of this place that i am standing on. U shroomfolks know wut i mean :) So i pondered on that for a while. All the sudden the grass field in front of me takes the form of an American flag (stars, stripes, and all) The railings on the porch are moving like they are on a conveyer belt and ill be damned if the whole porch wasnt floating around... Good shit - i just sat and smiled - all the while i was having a non talkative conversation with the tree closest to me :)

7:30-8:00pm - i think
Game is going on - and im "watching it". At this point i cant keep up with wut is going on so i just look at the pretty colors on the tv :) Im in a place where ive never been so this isnt the most comfortable situation for some reason. That starts to bug me a lil so i go to the bathroom to get my thoughts straight once again =) WOW! the bathroom wallpaper comes alive. Vines on it become 3d and start moving. I was pumped - very cool visual :)


couple hours (I think) of giggling, extremely nice visuals, and confusion.


So we drive back to the original hose we were at and things get a lil wierd/interesting. Were sittin in one of the guys bedroom listenin to mp3s and watching the visualization stuff on winamp. They were anyway, *I* was in my own world heh. I curled up in a corner and shut my eyes. Everything around me ceased to be. There was nothing - only this star spangled pattern - everywhere. This pattern then becomes a 3d room that i am in. nothing but the pattern, everywhere. Time ceases to exist. I "merge" with everything, i AM everything. Does this mean I am god? Is there a such thing? What is reality? Do i make all of this up? Are these "people" around me really here? Or are they just a figment of my imagination? Wut is an "imagination"? I kinda had a matrix vibe goin... like all that was around me was something that i created, and if i truly realized this, i could make everything wut i wanted it to be. So, in my head, im placing my various friends in certain spots and telling them wut to say/do. I havent talked to them since so i think they prolly think im insane :)

*BOOM* - reality

These thoughts along with plenty of others are the aftermath of wut i experienced. After a lil while - no idea how long, i kinda "came to", LOTS of people showed up just at this time and i couldnt figure out wtf was going on. This was definatly the quickest ive ever come back to reality while trippin. Well my mind was wrestling with the idea that i was making everthing up. I got extremly paranoid and wondered if i was ever going to be the same as i was before. The pattern of the american flag was still everywhere, it covered everything and yet everything covered it. I felt like i was this puppet master and i was making these people say and do all these things that they were doing. BTW, i have no idea who any of these folks were so it wasnt that cool - to say the least. :) I felt like my head was going to explode b/c i couldnt figure out whether i was making everything happen or not. I just kept telling my tripping buddy, "Ive lost it man, there is no turning back - I know too much". Of course, he just laughed... Anyways, i finally came all the way back to "reality" or wut i make of it, and decided whether or not wut is going on right now is "real" or if it is some extremly dense and intricit web that "I" have woven, this "reality" is fun, and exciting. I feel refreshed and ready to live my life - more than i have in a long time. This trip was a fun/scary experience, but i am very thankful for it - even tho im gonna take a break from mushies for a lil while :D

Thanks for reading. sorry its so long/boring/wuteva :). And btw. i didnt even read back through it cuz im too lazy, so sorry for the mistakes and shiat :)

Twisted Redneck

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