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Coloured light

Adam and I were on our way to shoomys house.

Adam and I were on our way to shoomys house.
shoomy can get anything. anything you name he can get. he's
got contacts with drug barons ect.
we were driving down the highway while we were high. ha ha
by the way we live in australia.
(for all you non-australians)
anyway we got to shoomys place, and everything was fine.
his dogs didn't bite us. we gave them beef jerky.
when we got inside, shoomy beckoned us to follow him.
hes kinda mysterious that way. all is quiet when we follow him into his little room.
this room is bare exept for a glass table in the centre,
and a desk with sliding drawers. the walls are painted with psychadelic designs and there are speakers in each celing corner.
we sit there in silence for a few minutes.
shoomy knows what we want.
he produces a little bag and empties the contents on to the table.
there is a small pile of blue meanies.
"you guys are lucky" he says
"all the other ones i had turned to mush"
shoomy is a man of few words, and we respect that, so we try to be as silent as possible.
I ask him how much he wants for them.
"give me some and you can have 'em for free."
Me and Adam look at each other.
I push the pile over to shoomy with my hand.
he takes a third of the pile and stuffs it into his mouth.
likewise, me and adam do the same.
shoomy suddenly stands up and says "music music music"
and dissapears.
after about three minutes, music, being emitted from the speakers comes into the spectrum. its ween. "the mollusk"
probably one of the trippiest albums ever created.
i pull a fifty out of my pocket, along with my bowl and scissors and start chopping.
upon shoomys return, adam asks him wheres the bong dude?
shoomy quickly fetches the bong, and our sesh lasts for about forty minutes.
we all get up and stumble into shoomys living room and i just fall into a beanbag. but when i expect to hit it, it feels like i just keep falling. when i look up at the ceiling, i cant see anything. just blackness, which scares me a bit, but i still remember where i am and keep calm. (the most important thing when shrooming)

I can hear adam and shoomy laughing to each other, but their chuckles seem to stretch for an eternity.
when bang!
i can see again, but all i can see is stars.
little shining white stars, so many of them.
I cant move, and i know the trip has taken effect
i feel like im floating through space, or floating around in limbo.
in the distance i see something larger than the other stars.
a mysterious shape.
by what seems to be sheer willpower alone, i float slowly over to the figure. Larger and larger he gets until i can make out the shape of him. he is wearing a hooded robe, and his eyes concealed in the darkness behind the hood, seem to shine like stars his voice is soft but echoing and he explains that he is the being who controls everything.
he says "you can call me the limbo-feotus man"
at that moment i can see in one hand he is holding a wad of cash, and in the other, a feotus.
he explains that the money is the incentive to the material world, where everyones life is ruled by money.
so if you are floating in limbo, as a cloud of smoke or whatever,if you give him cash, you can be born into earth.
i ask him if im dead, and he says no, but thank you for the money.
Then i remember that the money in his hand is my money
and he hands me the feotus and dissapears.
I try to think, but mu consciousness seems to have dissapeared along with the limbo feotus man.
suddenly i realise that *I'm the feotus now, and i can see my umbilical cord reaching out of my vision, i cant see where the umbilical cord ends.
i float around for a while, but i cant think i can only feel and see, and hear some faint noises, like voices but i cant understand them, theyre too soft and echoe too much.
my umbilical cord reaches out to the stars.
one of the stars seems to be getting bigger and bigger.
all the other stars start to shine with the most amazingly bright colours and all is getting sucked into the larger star, which is filling up with all tho colour.
until there are no stars left but the one large coloured ball of light that im attached to.
i can see all sorts of forms in it, an hear many sounds.
the sounds of the world.
closer, and closer i get.
when i reach the coloured ball of light, the warmth is like nothing else.

im back at shoomys house and it is over.

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