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SWAT team trip

Well this is was a pretty insane experience, but aren't they all here?

Well this is was a pretty insane experience, but aren't they all here? It was my first and only bad trip. It happened about a year ago in Tokyo, Japan. My friend and I were planning to go out and party the whole night at this huge club. So we headed to a head shop I had looked up in the paper. They had a wide selection of shrooms and I was having trouble deciding. But I knew I wanted to trip really hard and all night long. I grabbed a 4 gram bag of one strain and a 4 gram bag of another and my friend did the same. Well we got to the club at around 10PM and just hungout for a little bit since there wasn't really a lot of people there. At midnight we decided to eat the shrooms and I munched them all with some water to help down them. About 45 minutes later I wasn't feeling to great. My stomach was really bothering me so I told my friend that I had to go to the bathroom for a minute. Well when I got to the bathroom, I looked in the mirror and I was starting to trip pretty good. My face was starting to turn into a morphing mess and my eyebrows looked like caterpillars! I splashed some cold water on my face, but I was starting to feel sicker and sicker. I went to the last bathroom stale and opened the door and puked. My immediate thought was that I had to clean up my mess or I would get kicked out of the club. So I cleaned it up and sat down in the stall to rest. By then I was starting to lose touch with reality. Everything looked so amazing, that I was just looking at the colored tiles on the floor shifting and changing. I kept telling myself that I would just rest for a few minutes and then go find my friend, but I was getting really scared by myself. I reached up and locked the stall and sat there trying to think, but that seemed impossible! It was as if my mind was filled with every possible bit of information in the universe and I was trying to sort it all out. Things were starting to get worse and worse. I was scared out of my mind, but the only thing that calmed me down was that whenever I would look at my reflection in the chrome lock of the bathroom stall, I would be smiling like I was the happiest person on the planet! So I convinced myself that I was really enjoying the trip even though I felt like I was scared. But that didn't last too long. Someone started knocking on the stall and I could hear a voice, but it didn't make any sense to me. Maybe it was because I didn't speak Japanese, but I don't think I would've understood someone speaking english either. I looked under the door, but there wasn't anyone out there. Then it seemed like everyone was banging on the stall and shouting at me and peeking over the stall to see the guy who was all fucked up, but everytime I would look under the door, there was nobody. Then I heard a load rough voice yelling at me to open up. It said "open up! This is the police!" That just terrified me to death! I kept seeing myself in prison and cops beating me down, the banging got louder and louder, and there seemed to be a crowd outside yelling and screaming at me! The whole club had stopped everything because there was some fucked up guy who locked himself in a bathroom stall! I heard the DJ screaming at me over the load speakers to come out. I was going out of my mind in that stall I was literally going crazy with panic, but then I forced myself to look under the door. NOTHING!!!! There was nobody out there! I didn't know what was real or not. Then things started to look somewhat normal. I realized what my situation was and that I was starting to come down. My mind was starting to think. I made a consious decision to open the door and face what was outside. My plan was to go right to the sink and drink some water. It took me about 15-20 minutes to gather enough courage to open the door. When the door open the feeling I had I cannot really explain except for joy beyond joy! There was nobody waiting to take me away! I walked straight to the sink for a drink. When I walked out of the bathroom I was so shocked at how many people were in the club now. It was now about 4:30AM!!! As I walked around the club looking for my friend I saw so many people who were fucked up also and that definately made me feel so much better. When I found my friend he was extatic. He asked me where I had been and that he had been so scared, but he had walked around the club searching for me everywhere. When I told him where I had been, he laughed and told me he had banged on the door trying to use the bathroom! So my friend and I spent the rest of the morning partying like crazy and laughing about the incredibly bad trip. I guess this goes to show that anything in excess is just not good. Keep your doses moderate and enjoy!

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