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Scary as fuck

Alright, I got a QP of feshly dried shrooms my friend was growing.

Alright, I got a QP of feshly dried shrooms my friend was growing. I dosed about an eight and a half, stems and caps. At first it was just the normal tracers, colors, and increased brightness and music seemed much better. Fromt hat point things get fuzy. I went for a long walk at some point, things felt more real I guess you could say, and I saw a dense fog that, I later found out was not seen by the others I was with. We got back to the house about an hour later, and I sat down in aleather chair, from that point on I lost visual contact with our world, and I could hear, but not speak myself. A number of time I pervieved myself in many places at once, doing many different things, needless to say this freake dme out as my past trips has been level three or lower. At another point I felt like I was falling into myself, I had no sense of time, so I don't know how long this lasted, but it seemed to last for hours. At a later time, I saw super realistic 3d abstract objects, such as glass pipes and heads similar to those easter island ones, IO was able to move and rotate them with my mind, some of the ogjects I saw were real, but I had never seen them before, but I knew every detail of their appearence. I thought had died a time two, all my senses but hearing were gone, this was when i started to come down. I got my vision back first, but could not talk or move, I was able to move about 20 minute slater, and my speech was broken at best, this normalized ab out 2 hours later. Over all it was only a 7 hour trip, but the most intense I've ever had.

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