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Unexpected Power !

It was around ten oclock on a Friday evening when I decided to consume some mushrooms that I grew.

It was around ten oclock on a Friday evening when I decided to consume some mushrooms that I grew. My previous experiences with these little devils had given me some Idea of what to expect, or so I thought. I ate around 4 grams dried of about 4 different strains that I was grownig. Normally it would take at least a half an hour before I would feel anything, but this time was different. The effects came on in about ten minuets. So there I am sitting around watching tv when I decide to smoke a bowl. I stand up and "Wham" I can barely walk, I manage to find my pot and burn one, then that is when I am transported out of this familiar world and thrown in to another dimension. From this point on it is hard to recall my experience but I will try. As soon as I put down my pipe normal thought processes were impossible my brain had lost all control. I had basically fallen over on my couch and become parilised, when I tried to open my eyes the world was just to confusing. So i layed there eyes closed, but I could still see all around the room, this freaked me out. I remember several time when it seemed like I had stopped breathing. When this happened I was positive that I was leaving my body and floating around a world wich I cant even begin to explain. The strange thing was the whole time this was going on I was Happy and at peace. At one point I felt as if I could controll everything and I was this point of energy in the center of this strange universe. I remember thinking I was dying but that was ok I no longer needed my body. Then I opened my eyes for a few minuets and was just to over whelemed by what I saw, so I closed them again and just let the mushrooms completely take me over. I have no memory of the evening for the next 2 hours, It was all a blur until around 3 AM. I regain consciousness and within a half an hour everything is over. I am left with a feeling of profound gratitude to have my sanity back. I sit and contimplate my journey until around 4 in the AM and go to sleep. I wake up the next day with a slight head ach and am completely blown away by the previous evening events. Iam still trying to make sense of it all and wonder what it all really ment. I have more mushrooms growing and cant wait to explore this universe again.

Use the power of the mushroom responsibly
For it may take you by surprise. It sure
did me.

be safe
mushroom farmer

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