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bad bad trip

i have done shrooms twice.

i have done shrooms twice... i did them the first time at a party, i ate an eith and everything went awesome. i had a a great time and came away with a gret perspective of the expericne. by this sit'es ratings i'd say it was about a three on the scale.
the second time i did shrooms was a whole different story! i got them from a trusted freind of my brothers. people who tried them said they were fresh and pretty good, but when i got them they looked as tired as the last ones i got. looks can be deceiving... i took them with one of my good freinds and there was a third friend, who was just smoking weed present. we were in an empty house in a calm area and had no worries.
now, about three years ago i was skiing and got frost bite on my ear. i can't remeber which one anymore, but i am not supposed to let it get too cold cause it might come off the doctor said. i have been a little paranoid about being outside too long since. naturally, i want to keep my ear on.
My frind and i split an eith and smoke a bowl of really amazing cheeba just after dinner and about ten minutes
later we started to trip. at first it was great, light, cool sounds the whole deal. after about thirty minutes though it started to get crazy. i started to feel cold as hell all over and i kept telling them to turn up the thermostat. meanwhile, the trip is getting harder and harder. soon after i lost track of time i noticed my right eardrum and the right side of my toungue tingling then my ear went numb and i couldnt hear out of it anymore. soon the numbness covered over my right side completely and then over my whole body. i felt like ice and i was worried about my ear falling off. eventualyl i got absolutely paranoid about it and began to really flip out. i also thouht i had a fever and was going to die. (the fear of death came from the mold on the shrooms which i tried not to eat, but i though might be lethal cause i have heard that about fruit mold.) so i thought i was going into mold shock and fever while tripping and it was horrifying. i didnt want to call the hospital. the only thing i did was make my freinds promise that if i passed out to call for help only then. i never did pass out. i eventually got so deep into the trip that i was lost in my own mind in the surreal omnicience that tripping is all about. i felt in control of my body rght down to basic fuctions, even breathing. i leteally felt if i went asleep i would stop brething. the only thing that seemed uncontrolled by my conscious mind was my heart. in some ways it was great. i felt nothing, as in with my skin and hands unless i really thought about it and focused my mind on that part of my body. eventually i also found that if i concentrated on feeling warm i would and so from that point on i wasnt cold all the time and i could let my ear thing go. there was also a dull constant unlocatble pain in my body for some time, probably a few hours during the height of the madness. after about four hours i started to com down to an enjoyable level where i felt as one with everythin and i felt the fluid properties given to everything with a change in the keeping of time. all i can say was it was wierd. i was so wise and smart and i explain all this great wisdom to my freinds (one other had arrived at this point) but nobody got it. i thought i was making undeniable perfect sense. i still think i was, but i for get how right now. in the end i was exhausted and depressed for a day or two. i still feel genrally more cold than i used to. i hope shrooms dont fuck up your circulation...on the plus side i reamain able to see things from many more points of view than before and after the bad trip and all i still want to do shrooms again. i think i'll wait till this warmer weather though. and toward the end of te trip i did get my hearing back. sorry for that poor working and bad typing. i am too lazy for second drafts.

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